[MMD] Dissidia Zidane Tribal: “Butterfly on your right shoulder”

((((((((((((((ESPAÑOL))))))))))))))) Finalmente! por fin conseguique Zidane baile mi cancion favorita de mi Vocaloid favorito!!! Kagamine Len – Migikata no Cho ( Butterfly on your right shoulder) de la version Project Diva 2nd uy! buenisimo!!!! bueno, pues no hay mucho que decir. solo que… disfruten del vid. dedicado a todos los fanaticos de Zidane Tribal y […]

Undertale live pt3 (Hopefully) Pacifist Final

This video/stream is where i fight Asgore and fight 1 of 2 final bosses. Wish me good luck…

(SPOILERS) Undertale True pascifist final boss

Me going against Asriel Dremurr

I Am Setsuna OST Immovable Object ( Final Boss Theme )

Immovable Object from I Am Setsuna. The video shows the final boss battle against the Dark Samsara in I Am Setsuna. Big scurry. You can find the rest of the game’s soundtrack here: I am Setsuna introduces the authentic JRPG style of yesteryear to PlayStation®4 and Steam! Journey with Setsuna as she prepares to make […]

IS THIS THE END? | OneShot – Part 6

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[Undertale Spoilers] | FINAL NEUTRAL | Como matar a ASGORE y Flowey

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Archiegames Plays Undertale Genocide Part 5 (Final) Sans Battle

Its time to end this one last battle, Sans in Judgement Hall, he is a hard boss to beat but we can do it.

Undertale – Pacifist LOADED Playthrough – Part 16 – Determination!! True Final Battle!

Determination!! Seriously, this is the final battle! At long last! And satisfying one at that, because it revealed many things! Next episode will be the last – Epilogue and backtracking, lol. I do want to talk to as many NPC as I can before ending the game for real. Game link : Part One : […]

What happens if you kill flowey (Final boss) in undertale

Hey everyone welcome to another video im going to be starting an undertale playthrough soon on the violent route so if you enjoyed this video leave a like subscribe it really does mean the world to me. Thans everyone