MUGEN 1.1 – 700 subs?! Release the Flower! (Flowey edit release)

Hold on 700 subs?! Just in time to release my very first edit. I have this kept secret to YouTube for around 3 months, some of you may know because of Mr. Sentry Buster head’s QnA video which screwed me over big time, (well no one begged me to finish, but still..) some that are […]


Le combat le plus difficile contre flowey, ça se passe dans Undertale, j’affronte enfin ce boss compliqué !! — 🐦 Mes réseaux sociaux: Insta: Twitter: Facebook: Discord: —

[MMD] Undertale // Compliation part 5 (with OC) + thanks for 6k

nero, Anthony, lucky, stardust, and more belong to me ================= Anyway hello everybody I hope you know I post a compliation 1 time a month so that’s why it was today in may. I hope you all enjoy this video and if you have any questions feel free to ask me. Hope you have a […]

Undertale Ep.1 -A Talking Flower!-

Today we play Undertale. I only know the Endings, some bosses, and other thing. But I didn’t know about Flowey the Flower

Deadtale Flowey The Red Flower Boss Battle

My first time recording can we get 50 likes ? Stay awesome bros!

Undertale “Flowey The Flower” Neutual Run FINAL Boss (True Bullet Hell)

This is the final boss in the neutral route of Undertale. Hes a very easy boss because if you die, the game leaves you right off from where you died! Luckily, for the videos sake, I beat him in one turn!