Undertale – Flowey Stalks You!

While i was playing this in my spare time I ran across Flowey! You can see him after Papyrus on the bridge (if you go to snowdin) Where the line of Frogits are near the beginning.Etc; I recorded this because it was very creepy when i experienced it the first time!

OMEGA flowey boss fight that powers a LEGO wedo 1.0 trailer


Undertale – Can’t sleep love meme

I SHIP IT ♡FRANS♡ Anyway, THIS TIME I tried polishing it and making this animation look good took me about 1 day to finish so here ya go Btw… SRRY FOR THE CHOPPINES IN THIS VID


When I first heard AdamSkiHawk’s song “Undertale – His Theme (Orchestral Mix)”, it brought back all the wonderful memories of my Undertale Pacifist Run. Toriel taking care of me, Sans & his whoopee cushion, going on a date with Papryus & encountering all the other amazing characters on the journey. These are my favorite memories […]

[Undertale Spoilers] | FINAL NEUTRAL | Como matar a ASGORE y Flowey

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The Binding of Undertale (Asgore) #1 [Plus other mods!]

I know its been a while, but i thought I’d do some more of this 🙂