[AMV UNDERTALE] Bad time Ft Chi Chi (SANS and FRISK ver)

all those video was not make by me, i just merge, and cut they video to make this. if you like i can show you to the ORIGINAL VIDEOS and SONG on this link : SONG: BAD TIME: (PARODY OF GOOD TIME – OWL CITY) Ft. Chi-Chi – Undertale VIDEOS: a beautiful day – UNDERTALE […]


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Stop and Frisk Judge Removed from Case, Bill de Blasio’s First Test

The anti-stop and frisk Judge Shira Scheindlin has been removed from the Stop and Frisk case as the practice is, at least temporarily, back on. It looks as if soon-to-be Mayor Bill de Blasio will have to live up to his word and take down this profiling tactic… This clip from the Majority Report, live […]

[mmd x undertale] daddy frisk, sans, and papyrus

frisk: awesomkilling sans & papyrus: horipu stage: magicalpouchofmagic motion: 吉紀

Undertale Corruptions stream W/ Plush Gamer (My Friend) PART 2!

In this stream ill be Corrupting Undertale. It will be hilarious and awesome because my friend who I hilarious is here. Here Is Link To Plush Gamer.

IL “VERO” MOSTRO! – Undertale Genocide #3

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A Lesson Learned – Undertale Comic Dub

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Ask Frisk And Company: Sans The Memelord

i might have cut too much, but hey? what can you do. also, this is my first undertale video. 😉 link to the original blog:

Let’s Play: UNDERTALE -Part 1- Kawaii goat mom hits me with a FEEL TRAIN…and fire

Puzzles, Goat Moms, and maybe murder pie? This is a blind play through of Undertale! I really recommend it! It’s very fun so far! I’m going to be doing some let’s plays between my cosplay videos so my youtube gets updated more often so I hope you don’t mind! Part 2: This game made me […]