Undertale Yellow – Justice (BETA Game Over Theme)

Main melody composed by @JosiahRodney (aka MasterSwordRemix) and arranged by me! Check out MasterSword’s spicy jams: www.youtube.com/user/Triforce625 Art in the video made by Gaziter: FOLLOW HIM NOW: www.twitter.com/Gaziter8 As some of you might know, I’m part of the Undertale Yellow development team, arranging and spicing up some of the songs composed by MasterSwordRemix. This is […]

The Joykilling Culture Of ‘AAA’ Games (The Jimquisition)

We Happy Few has slowly transformed since it first arrived on Early Access, but its latest metamorphosis was sudden and jarring – it’s a “AAA” game now. Gearbox acquiring the title, and the effect it’s had on the game, demonstrate that “AAA” is not so much about the funds or the studio, but about the […]

First game play Undertale!!! – Game play with Chisk (part 1)

Hello everybody! this contains many spoilers sorry for the not-so-warning in the video sorry for my mic ;-; i forgot i had a weak voice (and put the setting on speakers too loud…) and the undertale name yeah…i just wanted to be named chara for the first time

THE JOURNEY BEGINS! | Undertale (1)

Flowey the Flower, thought it was a little corny xD MOAR Undertale? ➙ You Decide? Subscribe ➡ Twitter ➡ Stream ➡ Facebook ➡ T-Shirts ➡ Fan-Art ➡ Recommend Me Games! ➡ Like Silly Stuff? Here is MOAR ▼ I Am Bread ➙ Enforcer ➙ GTA V ➙ Goat Simulator ➙ Outro: Jazz in Paris by […]


WOAH! What is this? Could this be the scariest CRASH BANDICOOT HORROR Game ever? Is it scarier than the Crash Bandicoot.exe game? Heck yeah, it is! Or maybe not? Actually, CRASH SLENDERCOOT is a disturbingly funny SLENDER Parody Game! The Crash Bandicoot Woah meme is omni-present in this game, and we’re trying to collect 8 […]

ElectricMudkip – Dummy! Remix [Undertale Red Pacifist Theme]

It’s fitting that an intense boss battle (such the one in the Undertale Red pacifist run) had this remixed, theme played. ✔ Download the song: ✔ Follow the artist: Twitter ►► ✔ Follow us: ✔ Download the visuals: TBD.

Undertale Overtime | Fan Game

– Need money for new Micrphone please help – (Paypal) Playing Undertale Yellow for the first time I played the game before in my spare time but hopefully to see you and chat with you guys during the stream, I think I’ll stream as much as I can please subscribe and like the stream. ________________________________________________________________________________________ […]

Game Theory: Super Mario Maker, BIGGER than the UNIVERSE!

SUBSCRIBE to Catch all the Theories ► Super Mario Odyssey’s GIANT Problem! ► Catch Some Mega (Man) Maker Action! ► In 2016 Nintendo reported that 7.2 Million levels have already been built in Super Mario Maker by the players. That seems like a lot, but in reality it doesn’t even scratch the surface of how […]

HOW I MAKE BADGES: Undertale || nanoade

*READ ME* Hello! Not too sure on my upload schedule just yet but want to try and get a video a week out! This one is just showing my process of how I make badges from home! BADGE MACHINE: MY MACHINE: 38mm Pinned 250 Pack I’ve tried both the metal backings and the plastic ones, […]

Bendy and the Ink Machine vs. Mama Tattletail – Video Game Rap Battle

Indie horror games have taken over the internet and now Bendy and the Ink Machine and Mama Tattletail must battle it out to decide who is the greater fright! SUBSCRIBE► Get the song! iTunes► Google Play► CAST! DA Games as Bendy► Kat Wells as Mama► Cam Greely as Other Voices► Crew! Animation by RydosSFM► Mixed […]