MUGEN: Good undertale characters vs poorly done undertale characters

Whats wrong with these characters you might ask? Underfell sans: Palette-swap of gameandwatch909’s sans edit Underfell chara: Palette-swap of Oddish Stuff’s chara Underswap papyrus: Spriteswap of Kor_Sans, and the sprites aren’t transparent Swapfell Sans: Palette-swap of Sanspool’s underswap sans, which in return is a sprite remake of oddish stuff’s underswap sans I OWN NOTHING!!!!!

You Look So Good {meme}

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Good Game Design – Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy

Normally rage games need to adhere to certain principles to be successful, but Getting Over It shows that it can throw the entire rulebook out the window and still have a meaningful message, about more than just games. Steam page if you want to try it yourself: Bennett Foddy plays Getting Over It – Markiplier […]

Shibe being a good boy

sorry i couldn’t provide edit today, hope u enjoy this happy shiber. Discord: Source: Hope you enjoyed this. I don’t own this, I just put the videos together, subscribe for more shiba inu. Thanks to this guy lol ShibeNation Shiba Inu Shibe Doggo Shibster. chapter IV has started with a new series. watch this first […]

Underfell – Undertale AU – DEMO [Genocide feat. CHARA] Walkthrough GeneralMacek

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Undertale – Good or Evil?

Are the characters in Undertale good or evil? These are my thoughts! 0:29 Frisk 0:59 Flowey 1:48 Toriel 3:53 Napstablook 4:16 Sans 5:45 Papyrus 6:25 Undyne 7:32 Temmie 7:44 Mad Dummy 8:15 Alphys 9:51 Mettaton 11:02 Muffet 11:53 Asgore 13:26 Asriel 14:58 Other Monsters 16:38 Chara Play the game yourself! Undertale is an awesome game […]

GOOD ENDING | Resident Evil 7 Gameplay Part 17 [Full Game Playthrough]

In this episode of Resident Evil 7 on PS4, we take on Eveline to beat the game and get the good ending. More RE7 ► Get YuB’s vids EARLY ► Get Cheap Games (Affiliate Link) ► Become a YuBscriber! ► YuB Shirts ► OUTRO MUSIC IS “FLASH DRIVE” BY WAVE RACER MY GEAR (Affiliate Links, […]

Pyre – Good Ending (Peaceful Revolution) – Final Battle, Dialogue, Cutscenes, and Credits

This is the “Good Ending” in Pyre that can be achieved during a playthrough where at least 6 of your exiles gain their freedom. In this ending, the original three exiles were freed, along with Tamitha, who helped during the revolution against the commonwealth. Final Liberation Rite and Battle are shown, including all dialogue, backstory, […]