HETALIA Ask-A-Nation TOKYO in TULSA 2016! [Part 1]

Just exactly how far does Belarus go when she breaks into Russia’s house? Does Canada exist or does America have a problem with imaginary siblings? We answer the important questions! I wanted to leave this pretty much uncut for you all to enjoy as we did! Thank you to our audiences, both in person and […]

[meme] Weeaboo

( ̄︿ ̄) OPEN ME (¬_¬) This persona is me. More like me than the OC from the Boom x4. I like most in the image of Romano *-* Этот перс – тип, я. Более похожа на меня, чем перс из Бумх4. Мне больше всего нравится в образе Романо *-* Сharacters: Yato from Noragami Romano from Hetalia […]

Hetalia AU where everything’s the same but pasta doesn’t exist [Hetalia APH Cosplay]

We’re back at it again with the derp faces. — Join us on Hetalia Amino! Download links: iOS: Android: Profiles: Tristan- Mira- Caleb- Abigael- Tyler- Allison- (We were paid to give a shout out for the Hetalia Amino app) — Watch MORE Hetalia: Watch MORE Bloopers!:

[Hetalia x Musicals] Alfred F. Jones (Alexander Hamilton)

Skipping back to the start….finally. Please let me know what you think of this series, and feel free to offer video suggestions. — Hetalia x Musicals: Hamilton So after some deep consideration, I have decided to double up and edit the casting styles within Hamilton. Some characters will have two roles, and some roles may […]

Hetalia Character Broadway Songs

Description in the video. Basically, it’s a list of what Broadway songs I think various Hetalia characters would sing. If you disagree or have your own ideas, please leave them in the comments!

Hetalia – Aaron Burr Sir (Hamiltalia Animatic)

i fuckign hate drawing france adjbadhb you could find me on my tumblr if u have any q’s about this .。*゚+.*.。 Character List +..。*゚+ Alexander Hamilton – America Aaron Burr – Cuba John Lauren – Prussia Lafayette – France Hercules Mulligan – Spain

MMD Hetalia x Undertale x FNAF – 14th Birthday Celebration!!

Italy belong to Nachi Akira Mettaton EX belong to Lumialle Human! Foxy belong to ZexionStrife Motion belong to Magic-Yumi, edited the facial expression on Silvana’s face by me. 1p! Venice (or me) belong to me, but the parts belong to rightful owners. “Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made […]

Romano X Watcher! (Just the way you are Italian)

//Hey guys! Heard of X readers well I’m experimenting with X watchers! This is for my crazy Romano fangirl friends! ENJOY!!

Let’s Play, Hetalia!: Just Dance 2016 [APH Hetalia Cosplay] (Part 2)

Hetalia meets Hatsune Miku and horse races. Who thought the three would be in the same video? Good news is, it should have been done sooner. ~~~~ Cosplayers: Mira as Finland Faith as France Kyra as Belarus ~~~~ Watch the first one!: Watch MORE Let’s Plays!:

BELARUS Plays: Yandere Simulator! [Hetalia APH Cosplay]

There just wasn’t any way to avoid this. But we avoided it for far too long. Because this is great. Again, we apologize for amateur capturing, did my best for what I knew how to do. ;O ~~~~ Kyra as Belarus ~~~~ Watch MORE Let’s Plays!: