Saying “I’m busy” is bad for you. Here is why and what you could do instead.

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I’m not gay, I just thought that guy looked yummy MV short Flipnote by SmolXDemon / Sudomemo

Source of flipnote: Creator: SmolXDemon WARNING! Watching Flipnotes can be flashy and gives you seizure, PLEASE STOP WATCHING if you suddenly feel sick! Probably a vine video, source is unknown. Where to find/contact creator: [No information, comment below if you do know] I DO NOT OWN THIS FLIPNOTE AND I DO NOT CLAIM THIS FLIPNOTE […]

-Swiggity Swooty I’m Coming For That Booty-

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[Silver React] FNAF 4: I’m Sorry 1~4 | Cuz killin kids is nice and dandy…

Many times been said But its like that… All good and nice But its still sick Like the games xD The Important Stuff FNaF 4: I’m Sorry: Yue Jo YT Channel: Come and hit me with hate c: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Tumblr: DeviantArt: What if i play FNaF World…. hmmm… -Silver

(DHMIS x Undertale) LOOK AT THE TIME! – Undertale Animation

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I’M SO SORRY!!! l Undertale Genocide Part 1 w/ ThatAnimatedGamer

Hey guys this was supposed to be uploaded yesterday but it took forever for the video to export and it failed 3 times so I had to put it into a file and then upload it. Some times I really hate my editor. Anyways hope you guys liked the video 🙂 ThatAnimatedGamer (Guide) Intro Music […]

I’M TORIEL?!?!| Which Undertale Character would you be?

Link to quiz- Check out my friend, Weegee-