Agar App Ko Nawaz Sharif Key Barey Main Ek Lafaz Kehna Ho to Woh Kia Hoga?

اگر آپ کو نوازشریف کی شخصیت کو ایک لفظ میں بیان کرنے کا بولا جائے تو آپ کیسے کریں گے؟ جانئیے عوام کے دلچسپ جوابات!

Megalovania in a Major Key Extended for 30 Minutes || Undertale Remix

Megalovania in a Major Key from Toby Fox’s Undertale is today’s Extended for 30 Minutes Challenge. Megalovania from Undetale is now one of the most iconic songs ever so today on Epic Game Music I dive into the Undertale soundtrack. The Undertale OST was composed by Toby Fox. This is remix of a song entitled […]

Undertale | This Game Is Low Key Tinder | Part 10 | Aaron Plays

Aaron from The Daily Cringe Podcast plays Undertale. Catch them and their pals on the podcast on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher and most podcast most podcast apps. iTunes: Google Play: Stitcher: Facebook: Twitter: instagram: The Daily Cringe Podcast YT Channel: DeCiccoBits YT Channel:

Asgore in a Major key (Feat. Cami-Cat, Radix, and viewers!)

When you finally have that tea with Asgore. (Thanks to Radix for the lyrics) Thanks for everyone who participated, this has been awesome!, I hope you all like it. Here’s all the artists that colaborated here: Aliun Upho “SPOOPY” Amely Garcia D-MO the Pirate Elizaveta Ilin Graffiti Graphite “Pickle” Griffith Jones “mrpipe600” Miripna pr PokeGirl4104 […]

Nahu’s looking for artists for “Asgore in a Major Key”

If you’re an artist and want to draw something for me, draw a happy goat dad and link it in the comments, I will use it for my next video!

Annoying Dog Boss Fight – Dogsong in a Minor Key – Undertale Arrangement

Here’s my shot at this one, I hope you like how I did it, it’s difficult to try and keep variety in a song that’s the same thing looped xD, I hope I did a good job! Patreon: ——————————————————————————————————- Art by: Asriel Gif By:

Majortrousle (Bonetrousle in a major key) – Undertale Cover – Outertale/Heaventale

EDIT: I HAVE A PATREON :D! Nahu’s at it again with the major key covers! xD Special thanks to Bizz , he helped me a lot with this cover! I can’t believe how much good things have been said to me by you, the people who listens to my songs, I’m so happy that I’ve […]