ur gonna have a bad time kid

Uuuhhh…. Idk xd So,um..Hi! Its me again! And I made an undertale short..or something.. I made it on Fire Alpaca aaaaaaaaaaaand Im not sure why I made it.. Eh If u find it and u like it so much that ull put it in an ut shorts comp…..take it..idk… U can laso take it and […]

The Offspring – You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid

Playlist Best of Offspring: Subscribe for more: Music video by The Offspring performing You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid. (C) 2008 Round Hill Records Manufactured and distributed by Universal Music Enterprises, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

George Burns on being a kid, eating garlic, the automat, one nighters and more!

George talks about the early days, Gracie, Jack Benny and much more. The one and only George Burns!

Ready To Have A Bad Time, Kid? {SPEEDPAINT}

Sorry for being so inactive! I’ve been having really bad Art block and have finally just gotten over it to draw this. Hopefully I’ll now be uploading more! Undertale (c) Toby Fox Art (c) Me

DON’T HURT THE KID! | UNDERTALE – Part 4 (React: Let’s Plays)

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Meme it mario undertale kid the true villain of undertale

There’s so meny rants on him I said no more rants it’s to much but make him the true villain of undertale with this meme way more better looking at his so called evil asriel dreemur cry baby side videos Join the discord Join the Skype His asriel dreemur cry baby channel ?

Monster Kid Fun (Warning just in case: users using headphones should turn down there volume a bit.)

Hello lovelies, today I had decided to draw Monster Kid from a Undertale. But there was one problem, I couldn’t draw monster Kid. That’s why I searched up how to draw monster Kid and I came across this channel that shows people tutoriels on drawing things. Her channel is the best that I’ve seen and […]