20 Sub Special: Kirby vs Chara

Hopefully I don’t lose a sub before this gets up… Anyways thanks for 20 subs I appreciate it!

Tales of an Exhibitor – Phoenix Comicon 2016 ((Vlog #1)) The Time Has Come

Again sorry about the shakey camera, it’s quite challenging to keep it steady while you walk, talk, and till trying to give attempts at seeing where you are going. I need to get a selfie stick to help with that. When I go to Vacation in like two weeks, I’ll have one and those vlogs […]

“In Darkness” Undertale Yellow OST (Ruins Remix)

A REMIX OF “RUINS” FROM THE ORIGINAL UNDERTALE A little preview of a song I did for Undertale Yellow, a fanmade prequel to Undertale that tells the story of the game’s yellow soul! The game is being made by a team of very talented artists, programmers, writers and musicians like myself, including awesome youtubers Master […]


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BOWSER vs KING DEDEDE! (Mario vs Kirby) Cartoon Fight Club Episode 176

FIND OUT WHO IS NEXT: Twitter: Facebook: CFC G+ Group: AnimationRewind G+: Cartoon Fight Club Update Video: Special thanks to the animator: ShilvShilvaneon7: Bowser vs King Dedede! AnimationRewind’s Cartoon Fight Club episode 176! Bowser vs Asgore: Sans vs Freddy Fazbear part 1: Sans vs Bill Cipher Rematch: Slenderman vs Freddy Fazbear: Sans vs Bill PART […]

If “Kirby: Squeak Squad” bosses had “Undertale” themes

King Dedede-Purple soul theme 0:05 Mrs.Moley-Ghost Fight 0:45 Mecha Kracko-Metal Crusher 1:44 Yadogaine-Burn in Despair 3:39 Bohboh-Asgore 4:14 Daroach-Megolovania 5:16 Meta Knight-Power of NEO 5:45 Dark Daroach-Song That Might Play When You Fight Sans 6:46 Dark Chase-Run! 7:44 Dark Nebula-Hopes and Dreams 8:49