Lego Custom: Napstablook (Undertale)

I like the face, but not really the choice of pieces, I think I should have gone with something more round. Tagged: , Lego , Meme , Memes , Halloween , Custom , Napstablook , Undertale , Ghost , Fight , Mettaton , Dummy , Videogame , Videogames , PlayStation

Temmie meme?(stupid meme!!)

Omg I’m just make this meme for fun And to lose some time from my life Temmie from undertale And please like and subscribe

Idfc meme {undertale oc}

Hope u like it My friend Aubrey aka obrey helped me with this animation ^^

who’s your daddy? | meme

i know i know the animation sucks ;_; i did my best tho original:

Undertale – Can’t sleep love meme

I SHIP IT ♡FRANS♡ Anyway, THIS TIME I tried polishing it and making this animation look good took me about 1 day to finish so here ya go Btw… SRRY FOR THE CHOPPINES IN THIS VID