Cave Story – Running Hell on guitar

Cave Story is one of my favorite games and it’s filled with awesome songs. I hopefully get to cover other songs from this game as well. Btw, it’s easier to play this on guitar than getting through the Hell-stage. 😀

Warcraft II – Human Theme #2 | METAL REMIX

Finally a new metal remix of Warcraft II ost! 🤘 Original composer: Glenn Stafford Patreon thanks to: Sebastien, Monsieur J, Robert Thurner, Nicolas Vollmar, James S-R, Adam Skower, Christian Lochbaum, Jack Laurence, Monster Zero, Jakob Skalden, Simon Batifol, Christian Wey, Dean Reeder, Maik Huebner, Antoine TSF, Pavel Trufan, Alex, This is me, Vin Bhagwant, Ryan […]

Undertale OST 50 – Metal Crusher (Mettaton Boss Theme)

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Undertale Spear of Justice / Undyne’s Theme – Metal Cover ft. insaneintherainmusic || ToxicxEternity

Undertale Spear of Justice / Undyne’s Theme – Metal Cover ft. insaneintherainmusic || ToxicxEternity Support my videos on Patreon to get Tabs, Backing Tracks and even Choose what song I cover next! Subscribe to my boy insaneintherainmusic! Download on iTunes: Download on Amazon MP3: The AMAZING thumbnail art is by the talented Palidoozy This is […]

Undertale: Song That Might Play When You Fight Sans – Metal Cover || ThunderScott

⚡ GET THE ALBUM: ⚡ iTunes (Alt Link): ⚡ Album Art by Satchell Drakes: More like Song That Might Play When I Upload Again ayylmao Finally got an Undertale cover out, and it’s for something huge! Hope you guys enjoy Determination! Possibly more Undertale covers in the future, we’ll see. Special thanks to RichaadEB, Ace […]

Cave Story – Running Hell | Metal Cover

All weapons dropped to Level 1! I needed something to cover to test out Bias FX, so here ya go. I finally got Bias FX! It is a major step up from what I was using before. This will allow me to make more versatile music. Other than that, enjoy! Stuff Used: Instruments: Rhythm Guitar […]

Metal Gear Solid 2 in a Nutshell (Tanker Incident)

The Hudson river, two years ago… Remember the Tanker Incident from Metal Gear Solid 2? Of course!

[Team Fortress 2] How to get free metal and keys on BlackWonder servers

How to get free Scraps, Reclaimeds, Refineds and Mann Co. Supply Crate Keys Get Team Fortress 2 here: Server name: BlackWonder | Trade Server IP: Map: trade_minecraft_neon_v177 Join my Steam group: Donate via Steam items: I do not own this game, all credits goes to Valve. This video was recorded with Bandicam. Website: […]

Brazzers Presents: Metal Rear Solid: The Phantom Peen XXX Parody! | Show and Trailer: March 2017!

MARCH 2017 SHOW AND TRAILER PLAYLIST: Music: Bossfight – Elevatia (meganeko Remix) by meganeko Check it out here: PATREONS: FACEBOOKS: TWITTERS: LIVE SHOWS: