Minecraft Hardcore – A Story: Chapter 7 (No Game, No Life)

Now that I’ve finished dropping off the face of the Earth I guess it’s time to upload a new video. This was mostly because of laziness and the fact that Splatoon 2 has eaten my life away like a cannibalized rabbit. Buuuut happy fun times! The gang’s all here! But some conflict shit happens! Huzzah! […]

Armageddon Speech – Best Speech Ever

This is a speech in Armageddon. I do not own this video and don’t say that I do. This is Fair Use and can’t be flagged for copyright.

Michael K. Williams Asks: Am I Typecast? #QuestionAnswers

At The Atlantic, we believe it’s never been more important to take on established answers with tough questions. Here, Michael K. Williams, of The Wire and The Night Of, wrestles with one of his own: Is he being typecast? #QuestionAnswers here:

Michael and Austin Become Rednecks and Survive Florida

it’s a joke don’t take it too seriously

Michael and Austin Play with Fire

if you actually watch these videos, i really appreciate you. please don’t think i don’t. i just can’t stand the kids who are the same people in the cringe videos “xd-ing” in the comments. sorry i’ve been so aggressive lately, i’m just trying to chill out.