UnderTale all PACIFIST and NEUTRAL bosses/UnderTale todos los jefes PACIFISTAS y NEUTRALES

Save Files/Archivos de guardado: Napstablook: 0:50 Toriel: 3:38 Papyrus: 8:22 Mad Dummy: 16:52 Undyne: 21:19 Mettaton: 28:58 Muffet: 32:40 Mettaton EX: 41:55 Asgore: 54:34 Omega/Photoshop Flowey: 1:04:27 Asriel Dreemurr: 1:25:32 UnderTale by: Toby Fox


To many bosses in this episode for me, stick around for the new outro as well if you like! 😀 Enjoy! Twitter – Instagram – Twitch –

[MMD x undertale] grillby x muffet i luv it

grillby: marudako muffet: horipu motion: Runa Tanpai dl:

Myogi Plays UNDERTALE [Longplay] Part 9 – MUFFET BATTLE

Due to editing constraints, you see me struggle with puzzles. See note below. NOTE: This was all edited with Magix Movie Edit Premium – trial version, unfortunately due to my crappy laptop’s current standing. Planning to get another for better editing / Vegas support since this current’s GPU is RIP. I now recall why I […]

Muffet battle [No healing Items]

I finally beat her with no healing items! I was a doof and forgot to buy some hot dogs before I got to her so yeah. (Recorded with

Slim Plays Undertale: Abridged Genocide Route – Part 2

We have some “new” boss fights this time around with some faimiliar foes/friends; featuring the first major road block of a Genocide run. Music of the Video “Battle Against a True Hero” Very lovely piece of music that I think represents Undyne well in her Genocide boss fight. somecallmejohnny’s Undertale Review: ——————————————————————- For more SlimKirby […]

Undertale: Muffet Speedpaint

I brought my watercolors to school just to make this video. Song: Spider Dance Cover by Gooseworx Watch here: I don’t own Muffet or Undertale in general, I am just a fan.