SPIDER BOSS! | Undertale #7

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The Harlem Shake [BEST ONES!]

Make sure you check out IGN: Likes and subs are appreciated! Give this awesome video a thumbs up! Funny as hell, like, like, like! tags: sometimes i fist myself with two loafs of bread hoping to turn into an inside out really fucked up looking sandwich so i was walking down the street and this […]


Hello my lovely Kookies! Why haven’t I played this game on its release? Oh yeah because I am lazy. hahahha I got the SANSdrome! This fan game is really wonderful! The interactivity is genius, picking different UT or US skins with different attacks are genius, EVERYTHING IN THIS GAME IS GENIUS! I didn’t tackle the […]

UNDERTALE’S SURFACE MYSTERIES | “Don’t Forget” Undertale Online Multiplayer fangame #6

It seems The Surface has even more mysteries than we first thought! DEADTALE – Part 1 – DON’T FORGET episode 1 (story mode) – Game here – Donate here (Allows you to get in the server ANY time) – ———————————————————————————————————- – Consider Subscribing if you enjoy my content, and would like to be notified for […]


Today we’re playing an amazing UNDERTALE MMO game called MYSTERYTALE! In this crazy awesome UNDERTALE MMO game you can play as almost any Undertale and Non-Undertale character you can imagine! There’s characters from Super Mario, Sonic, Kirby, any Undertale AU and many many more to chose from! The game is lit and the servers are […]

BENDY IN UNDERTALE | MYSTERYTALE (Undertale Online Multiplayer Fangame) #1

We are back with another Undertale Online experience! But this time It seems Bendy wants to join in these Undertale antics! … and everyone else to. Seriously, you can be anyone in this game! Undertale goes ONLINE with MYSTERYTALE! Just like “Don’t Forget”, you can converse with other players, battle them, and go on grand […]

Undertale: Don’t Forget Multiplayer Demo: Play The Ending walkthrough!!!

you can’t beat Play The Ending? or you stuck cuz it’s too … Trollful? yes, RockyG is a god of troller… Why am I saying he’s RockyG? cuz RickyG rock Lulz

CHARA’S SURFACE SECRET… | UNDERTALE Online Multiplayer Sequel Fangame “Don’t Forget” #5

We’re back with UNDERTALE ONLINE (Don’t Forget), and with the newest update we try and discover Chara’s Surface Secret… and now we can be GOAT MAMA! (Toriel) AND SHE DOES A FINE DAB! DEADTALE – Part 1 – DON’T FORGET episode 1 (story mode) – Game here – Donate here (Allows you to get in […]

Undertale Multiplayer OST – Once upon a connection

I am officially on the Undertale Multiplayer team! I make music for the game now! Hope you like this song!

Mass Effect: Andromeda | Pre-order Multiplayer Trailer Breakdown!!!

Mass Effect: Andromeda’s most recent trailer may be short, but packs a punch! Mostly regular things you could expect from the usual pre-order package deal. Although, it also has a very awesome surprise. What do we get from pre-ordering?! Will we get a first look at multiplayer?! Will I cut a Wrestling Promo?! Let’s Discuss!!! […]