Undertale OST – Hotland (GENOCIDE) Extended

Seemless infinite loop of this: The track’s name is Another Medium, but some may not know this and look up “Hotland” for Hotland’s music (I was guilty of this) so I decided to keep this upload to make it easier for others to find. Undertale Extensions: (Their channel also does regular extensions for good music […]

Undertale #21 [FINAL NEUTRAL] – Flowey y las almas humanas

Podéis comprar el juego aquí: El juego ha sido traducido al español por el equipo de @UndertaleES. Podéis descargar la traducción desde aquí: — HORARIO E INFORMACIÓN DE CONTACTO — Horario del canal: Muchísimas gracias por vuestro apoyo, cada like y sub es un motivo para sonreír y seguir esforzándome con los vídeos ————————————————— Canal […]

I Can’t Understand…- Undertale #12 (FLOWEY OMEGA FORM) (NEUTRAL END?)

Game on Flowey…Game on… – Thank you for watching +Like, comment, share, subscribe if you like! If you did, thank you! ===Twitter ===Netflix Reaction Vids? Check out Riff! ===Twitch! ===Soundcloud: ===Instagram ===Steam Group!

Undertale In 4 Minutes – True Pacifist

In this new series, I speed up my entire playthrough of a game to around 4 minutes. This is a nifty way to show my unique adventure in a short amount of time. This episode I went through one of Undertale’s routes This was inspired by Giancarloparimango11 Gian’s Video: Thumbnail by UltraTom100 ________________________________________________________ My Twitter: […]

Undertale Toriel Neutral Run

This is My 2nd playthrough where i spare all the bosses but kill all the normal enemies.

Undertale Corruptions! – HIGHLIGHTS (Neutral)

This is a breakdown of the most entertaining parts of the corruptions in my opinion! Part 2 of full corruptions ironically enough, got corrupted! However the raw video file saved on my computer, so it’s included in this highlight package. See the Undertale Full Corruption unedited video here: This was possible by a corruptor specifically […]

Undertale – Leaderless Endings (Neutral Route)

Without leaders, things look really bad. 00:00 Ending you get if you killed all leaders and atleast 1 monster. 00:34 Ending you get if you killed all leaders and 20 or more monsters. Subscribe for more Undertale! 😀 Undertale Playlist: