UnderMEME OST – Nyeh… Heh… Hehhh? (Bromalgamate Battle)

42 ATK, 0 DEF. They are BEST. BROTHERS. FOR. EVER. AND EVER. Likes Saying: nYEH HEh HeH… This is a Mini Boss Fought in UnderMEME in the Medic’s Ultimate Lab (C) Toby Fox.

LIFE with SANS and PAPYRUS (Undertale Comic Dubs)

Happy One Year (Belated) Anniversary Undertale! I hope you guys enjoy these dubs, because they’ll be the last ones for a while since I have a big project coming up. Starring: SonicPAJ as Papyrus, Desk Dude & Gerson Gerson The Pastrami as Sans lxmonadx as Toriel and Flowey (Comic 1) RawrKittyPanda as Undyne tehRogue as […]

Undertale #2 | BARK WOOF NYEH

there was a big skeleton… a small skeleton… and A HUMAN!!!!!!

(Sans) Nyeh heh heh! Undertale Part 2 [True Pacifist]

(Sans) ================================================= All videos I’ve been using in my videos are uploaded and shared by community and they doesn’t ask others to give credit. I just put those vine clips together so people don’t have to waste time watching seperated clips. Thanks for watching my video. No copyright intended. All content used in adherence to […]

Rotten Papyrus [Lazy Town + Undertale]

Please credit me *** thefluffyslipper *** if you use this image. Youtube | Deviantart | Facebook | Twitter Tagged: , color , drawing , fan , fanart , fast , heh , lazy , nyeh , paint , papyrus , photoshop , robbie , rotten , sai , sans , sped , speed , speedpaint […]


So here’s my custom lego Papyrus and updated Sans, again I still have not played undertale but I do find the characters to be really interesting, so I just had to. papyrus was made with a regular skeleton body with the feet cut off and replaced with regular lego man legs, his chest, shoulders and […]

NYEH HEH HEH!!! (Halloween, music, MOCs, etc…)

Welcome my little fellas! Today’s the day so happy halloween / end of skeleton war / scary-B-movie night! Since I’m in love with Undertale (even if I haven’t played it yet), here’s a 2-variant tune about your favorite spaghetti master, him, the great Papyrus! Red: soundcloud.com/oxiceek/undertale-bonetrousle-red Blue: soundcloud.com/oxiceek/undertale-bonetrousle-blue I’ve some MOCs to show you in […]

Undertale Papyrus leather bracelet

Had a shitty day so I ended up making myself another bracelet. It’s also an attempt to fill the void left by my finishing Game Grumps’ playthrough of Undertale. What am I supposed to do with my time now!? I honestly haven’t been that emotionallly invested in (well pretty much anything) a game since Thomas […]

Nyeh Heh Heh!

"You can’t spell ‘prepared’ without several letters from my name!!" PLEASE COMMENT IF YOU FAVORITE So Undertale fucked me up. Here’s some figures. I may go back and make a couple more, but the only ones I really have an interest in making would be Undyne and maybe Mettaton. Sans: Not entirely happy with how […]