UnderTale – Opening

Kill or be Killed This game is in Beta. It is short but well worth it. There are things about the game that will change the more times you play it depending on how you do certain things. I’ve laid the groundwork. Can you change what I’ve done?

Undertale high school anime opening

I might make this a joke series get ready

Ichigo’s Determination/Happy Birthday Blaze66a – The Aftermath

This amv is for one of my greatest friends. Yall check out Blaze66a channel he Top Tier as well. Subscribe and sneak peak of Bleach final Arc to Come In Mid Jaunuary/Febuary. Comment rate Subscribe 😀 blaze66a: Author- Tite Kubo: Bleach Manga, Toyko 7 : Anime Songs: Gullotine the AfterMath Just Awake: Fear, and Loathing […]

Game of Thrones (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. Opening Style)

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[French Cover] Boku no Hero Academia Saison 2 Opening 2 – Sora ni Utaeba

Bonjour à tous ^^ C’est la première fois que j’essaye ce format avec moi en train de chanter en live dites moi ce que vous pensez et ce qu’il y a à améliorer ^^ (je sais que la lumière est à chier parce que ma fenêtre est dans mon dos et j’ai oublié de la […]

[AMV] Glitchtale Betty Anime Opening (By Normandy Chara/Animation by Camila Cuevas) (Season 2)

I wanted to make an anime opening just for Betty after we know that she is a villain ^^ And also, to understand what happens after 0:31, read the blue screen at 0:31 ^^ Discord : Music : Xtrullor – Cry Glitchtale is Camila Cuevas creation : AMV by me Original Music by NyxTheShield: Original […]

[AMV] Glitchtale Anime Opening (By Normandy Chara/Animation by Camila Cuevas) (Season 2)

Music : Death Moon (again lol) Glitchtale is Camila Cuevas creation : AMV by me Original Music by NyxTheShield: Original Sound designer – Strelok: Original Voice talents: Strelok (Asgore/Frisk/Kumu) – Zedrin (Sans/Gaster) – Courtney (Betty) – Jen (Jessica/Orange girl: Robin) – Adox0graphist (Asriel/Undyne) – Lumisau (Green boy: Cam) – Meredith (Light-Blue Girl: Abigail): KateMarie999 (Alphys) […]

Anime Orchestra! Limit-Break x Survivor (Dragon Ball Super – 2nd Opening)

An orchestral remix of the second opening of the anime Dragon Ball Super: Limit-Break x Survivor. This opening is shown in the new “Universal Survivor Arc”. Dragon Ball Super is one of the anime I’m currently watching and I love this opening so much. Enjoy it! —————————-LINKS—————————- Support me on Patreon: If you like my […]


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