Undertale voice dub Pacifist Ending

SPOILERS GALORE!!! Undertale by Toby Fox, song called The Surface. (Recorded with

Undertale OST – Hotland (GENOCIDE) Extended

Seemless infinite loop of this: The track’s name is Another Medium, but some may not know this and look up “Hotland” for Hotland’s music (I was guilty of this) so I decided to keep this upload to make it easier for others to find. Undertale Extensions: (Their channel also does regular extensions for good music […]

Undertale Right before the final boss Pacifist Run

Here I thought I was going to have to fight Asgore again. Glad I didnt have too. Also glad I got to see the gang come back and have a nice chit chat. However, that damned Flowey came back. But we get to see his real form. Asriel Dremurr. God of Hyperdeath!


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ElectricMudkip – Dummy! Remix [Undertale Red Pacifist Theme]

It’s fitting that an intense boss battle (such the one in the Undertale Red pacifist run) had this remixed, theme played. ✔ Download the song: ✔ Follow the artist: Twitter ►► ✔ Follow us: ✔ Download the visuals: TBD.

Asriel, The Final Battle – Undertale True Pacifist part 19

All right Asriel, let’s finish this shall we? So I can save all of my monster friends. Playlist:

UNDERTALE – Stupid Sexy Robot (PACIFIST PLAYTHROUGH) Manly Let’s Play Pt.8

The conflict with Mettaton that stretched throughout Undertale reaches its end in what can be described as “JoJo” Game Playlist: Game Info: “Robot Kakoyin.” ヽ(・ω・`)—-Crummy Personal Links Below This Line—-(´・ω・)ノ My Masculine Patreon: My Manly Twitter: My Awkwardly Manly Tumblr: My Weeaboo Manly Steam Group: Thumbnail Art by : whiteaier

Undertale In 4 Minutes – True Pacifist

In this new series, I speed up my entire playthrough of a game to around 4 minutes. This is a nifty way to show my unique adventure in a short amount of time. This episode I went through one of Undertale’s routes This was inspired by Giancarloparimango11 Gian’s Video: Thumbnail by UltraTom100 ________________________________________________________ My Twitter: […]