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HETALIA Ask-A-Nation TOKYO in TULSA 2016! [Part 1]

Just exactly how far does Belarus go when she breaks into Russia’s house? Does Canada exist or does America have a problem with imaginary siblings? We answer the important questions! I wanted to leave this pretty much uncut for you all to enjoy as we did! Thank you to our audiences, both in person and […]

Love Live! Cosplay Panel – Kodachicon 2016

Me and eight of my friends got together to hold a Love Live! cosplay Q&A / Truth and Dare panel at Kodachicon 2016! Support me on Patreon if you want to Follow Andrea’s Adventures on the Internet Twitter: Twitch: Tumblr:

Kuroko no Basket 18+ Cosplay Q&A Panel @ Fanime 2016 Pt. 3/3

ok it’s all up!! (I feel so accomplished but I really shouldn’t after taking so long lol) (I was just the one filming the panel) Kise Ryouta –

Dr. Mettaton! | Undertale Cosplay Panel (Tokyo in Tulsa 2017) Part 2/2

I’m proud of us for being pretty natural at being funny when asked questions! Flowey was a hit…

Undertale: Determination Panel MechaCon 2317 (2017)

MechaCon 2017 Social Media of panelists soon to come UPDATE: Panelist Instagrams Sans : @info_draws Alphys : @the_captors_ Temmie : @smolusagi MTT : @mttbrandbooty Asgore : @screamingsnow Toriel : @kankri Frisk : @t_r_a_s_h_ Chara : @jade_the_awkward_animator

2017 Megacon Cosplay Panel

With Danica Rockwood, Alyson Tabbitha, Madison Kate and Soni Aralynn

Danganronpa Cosplay – Dangan Ronpa Ask Panel Castle Point Anime Convention 2017

New Dangan Ronpa cosplay video! This is our Danganronpa Ask Panel which was held at Castle Point Anime Convention 2017! We had a blast doing this! Thank you to everyone who participated and the wonderful audience! I’m sorry that the Undertale video is late, we will release it as soon as we can. Love you […]

Undertale Panel Stream!

Instagram of each participant: Chara (me): Chocolatechan_ Asriel: Chara_klein Papyrus: Happypappy28 Temmie: Sans: the_daily_insomniac_ Nabstablook: Frisk: Blue.berry.stars Alphys: leafii.cos

Calvin Klein – Autumn / Winter 2017 Panel Discussion

Lou Stoppard, Harriet Quick, Gianluca Longo, Ian Connor and Grace Woodward discuss the Calvin Klein Womenswear A/W 17 show live Saturday 11 February 15:00 GMT.