SpongeTale Patrick AU Themes (READ DESC)

Credits: Cosmic Block Spongetale: knochen9988iii Spongefell: Tanalok OuterSponge: Dialogue RoboSponge: Alex (Flora/Gang) Deformity: LuigiOdayaka55 Toontale: Nina Tendorian (can’t find link) SpongeSwap: SoundFont Disbelief Spongebob: LuigiOdayaka55 SpongeSwapFell: XkarmaX SpongeSpin: Kibo Bibulus.Exe: TheSunGlass

Love & Diaries Chapter 4: Heir pt 1 “Patrick is…NOT Jacques?!”

Hey everyone! I got over 100 subscribers? Wow! Thank you so much! I appreciate it. I am glad to show off the Love & Diaries series to you and I will do my best to keep the videos going for you and for me since I do like the series despite its flaws. I heard […]

[Extended Music] Spongeshift – Who You Calling Konig? + PATRICK

*human… *you’re alright. *well… uh… goodbye. (quote from Charlesi) (—————————) By Charlesi : (—————————)

GAMING w/ PATRICK STAR! FUNNIEST FGTEEV VIDEO! Pokemon Go Jokes #20 Gen1 Pokedex Spongebob Style

In anticipation for Pokemon Go Gen 2 we are having fun with all of our our Gen 1 Pokemon since the Pokedex is complete except for Porygon because he is nowhere to be found within 500 miles of us!!! Of course we also don’t have the Legendaries but no one does so it doesn’t count! […]

Frisk & Sans (Undertale team) vs Spongebob & Patrick Star (Squarepants team)

Game vs Cartoon Warehoused Frisk & Sans vs Felix Mario’s Spongebob & TurretJACK’s Patrick


… No. This isn’t a troll video. I genuinely wanted to do this. Yeah, I paused work on King Sans to make this. Blame Keno9988ii, his music got me hooked on making this. You can see all his wonderful music and the picture of Patrick here: Shame there wasn’t an Undersail or Spongetale MEGALOVANIA, though. […]

Patrick plays Asgore’s theme on a tromBONE

xDDDDD i still dont like undertale

Bitch you guessed it Patrick Spongebob

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