Personal Study [stream footage]

Was doing some personal study, didn’t do as much as I’d have liked but some progress was made. music – from undertale yeah I know I always use undertale music in streams, but it’s so chill so I really like it.

Undertale – 2nd FASTEST Genocide Speedrun: 66:39.7 NEW PERSONAL BEST!?

Undertale – Genocide speedrun! sub 67! Improved by 17s Versus my last personal best of 66:56.5!!!! Name: Pizza Improved PB by 17s, 10s time lost in waterfall. 17s from World Record time. Speedrun Name: Pizza Other Undertale Videos: Monster Kid GLITCH!: Undertale – NO HITS SANS!: Undertale – NO HIT Credits, SECRET DOOR OPENED!?: Rainbow […]

Undertale (Genocide pt.9) ep.45-A Personal Problem

Now that we got past Mettaton, there is no going back from this point. Also we get the real knife and the locket. Subscribe Today: Facebook: Twitter: Other Channel: Support my friends: -Zach (Music for a lot of videos): -Kristomaster4: -Stormbringerwolf: -Purpleshield gaming:

My Personal Top 9 – Hardest Bosses in video Games

This are the hardest Bosses , I ever Faced ! you know them? what´s your personal Top 9 list? *****Don’t Forget to suscribe and follow us in twitter *****

Undertale Punch Card TPE Speedrun, 1:43.40 Newest Personal BEST! Top 10 Finish!

Previous run before this one we ranked top 10, this would place us at 8th in the world at this moment. 🙂 Other Videos below: Rainbow Asriel Glitch: Doggo Attack Glitch: Twitch: Twitter: Instagram: Subscribe To My Channel For Game Videos!: Facebook Page: Steam Page: