Portal 2 50s Aperture Science Tests

A collection of all the tests wAy back in the 50s :DDDD A real adventure if you ask me

Undertale portal

Check my cartoon animation made with #flipaclip Papyrus likes portals…

Portal 2: Co-Op Story – The Failure Compilation – PEVE

Behold, the thing that should’ve been uploaded a good three months ago and was blocked when initially uploaded because it had a copyrighted song in it. So, here it is. Starring: -LOL DUDE ( ) -Luigidile7 ( ) Game(s) featured: -Portal 2 ( ) Artwork by: -Hunter Elms Music used: -Any and all in-game music […]

Portal 2 – “Mr. Good-at-this-game Pants” – Part 1 (The Pags Crew)

We didn’t forget about Portal 2! People Involved: Michael Pagliaro (Pags) Lucas Radcliffe (Lucas) Check out our main channel! Or head back to this channel and subscribe for more! Or check out my twitter for constant video updates! Hope you enjoyed! More fun videos coming all the time!


After waking up in a mysterious chamber, Siri attempts to make her way out of puzzling scenarios and distracting physics. But the escape isn’t necessarily free… Welcome to the episode of June! Portal is a game that was in my list of plans from a previous video, and today, it’s finally here! Since the demo […]

How To Make a New Portal in Minecraft Pocket Edition (Portal Trick)

✔️ WANT TO MAKE A NEW PORTAL IN MINECRAFT PE THAT LOOKS COOL!? This trick let’s you make your own custom MCPE portals! Enjoy! Credit to: ▼More information below!▼ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ►Minecraft PC IGN: AA12 ►Skin Download: […]

PORTAL 2 MEETS UNDERTALE | PacGuy64 Portal 2 Maps

Fighting Flowey and Toriel in Portal 2… What could possibly go wrong? Please leave game suggestions down below! Also, check out PacGuy64’s Portal 2 maps on the Steam Workshop!

Portal 2 Coop – Deex et Ruetset – Drop it

Petits souvenirs de jeu (et bugs de jeu, surtout !) en Coop sur Portal 2 avec mon pote Ruetset Fallait que je finisse par faire un meme Drop it avec nos conneries, alors voilà :’) C’est pas bien de faire une vidéo et de mourir de rire toute seule en la faisant, sérieusement XD

My Fave from The christmas loot

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