Custom Boss Fight Preview Add Your Name To Be A Spectator

So I am making my biggest custom npcs boss fight yet. If you want to join then add your IGN in the comment below and tell me if you like me or hate me.

Sans Dialog MTT-Resort Dub [English/UnderTale]

Sorry that the Torielvoice is a little corrupted, but hey, i did this to practice voiceacting Sans, and not Toriel xD The very, very, very best Minecraftserver (German) Name: Whynotminecraft Website: IP: Dir hat das Video gefallen?! Wirklich??? WIRKLICH?! Ok, dann like das Video 😉 Du willst ein Edelstein werden? 😀 Dann hier! Danke […]

DARK SOULS 3 PVP – Undyne the Undying (Undertale) Cosplay

After my previous Undyne cosplay I got some feedback on how to make it look even better, here you have her 🙂

Asgore cosplay PvP (Undertale/Dark Souls 2)

Cleaning out some of my older files, I rediscovered this project from before souls 3 came out. Decided to finish it just cos. This was actually a build I had a lot of fun playing, you’re able to mix things up a lot with your pyromancies and spears are a great weapon class (even though […]

DARK SOULS 3 PVP – Undyne Undertale Cosplay

The Heroine appears! ► Dark Souls 3 Walkthrough Playlist: ► Dark Souls 3 PVP Playlist: ► Bloodborne PVP Playlist:

Dark Souls 3 – Undyne (Cosplay PVP)

One of my more intricate builds. I’ve been working toward this moment for weeks, so enjoy! Music – Spear of Justice Metal Cover by RichaadEB RICHAAD YOUR METAL COVERS ARE AWESOME! BE SURE TO DODGE ROLL OVER TO THEIR PAGE AND CHECK THEM OUT!

[Elsword:NA]: Noblesse(Only Ciel) PvP

I actually wanted to do this for a long time if my recording got better. Its still pretty hard to use RG sometimes when you only have 30 FPS in recording :/ Video Thumbnail: Music: [Undertale Arrange] I Cant Accept Your Mercy ASGORE Pokemon Omega RubyAlpha Sapphire – Battle! Zinnia Music (HQ)

Bloodborne PvP – ASGORE ~Sage or Murderer~

Bloodletter No HUD PvP “Human, it’s nice to meet you, goodbye.” – Asgore Dreemurr Music: Undertale OST: Bergentrückung/ASGORE