The Division Side Quests Part XIII Murray Hill Part One

Join me as I play through The Division. Tom Clancy’s The Division is an online-only open world third person looter-shooter. Set in a near future New York City in the aftermath of a modified smallpox pandemic, the player, who is an agent of the eponymous Strategic Homeland Division, commonly referred to as simply “The Division”, […]

Side Quests 1 | UNDERTALE #18

That Temmie Armor isn’t gonna be produced without the right education! (Previously recorded late 2015.) (This is a blind play for The Doctor and his VA, but BDR and Derpy have beaten the True Pacifist and Genocide runs.) Undertale Doctor & Derpy art by BDR; Thumbnail by Jestre PWPG Theme Song by Pennoink Jestre’s Channel: […]