Peridot – They’re for standing around, and looking nice, and holding your stuff for you… right?

Butlers. This clip is from the episode “Back to the Barn” (S2E20)


Pew pew lasers! This clip is from the episode “Friend Ship” (S2E15)

Cave Story – Running Hell on guitar

Cave Story is one of my favorite games and it’s filled with awesome songs. I hopefully get to cover other songs from this game as well. Btw, it’s easier to play this on guitar than getting through the Hell-stage. 😀

“You saw nothing!” The Big Bang Theory quote S02E05 Sheldon

Sheldon: You saw nothing! The Big Bang Theory The Euclid Alternative Season 2 Episode 5 20 Oct. 2008

Armageddon Speech – Best Speech Ever

This is a speech in Armageddon. I do not own this video and don’t say that I do. This is Fair Use and can’t be flagged for copyright.

Cave Story – 05 Girl Problems [CC Dub]

While gathering the ingredients for our bomb, I decide to tell a story about girls. Also we fight a giant frog.

Onion – *thumbs up*

kk, coolcool If you have a request/suggestion for a quote/clip, tell me in the comments! This clip is from the episode “Bubble Buddies” (S1E7)

Undertale Quote Speedpaint

Guess who’s back Back again with another speedpaint of…. UNDERTALE! (surprise, surprise) this time it’s for a contest on amino that I thought I’d join because, why not? so yeah, enjoy! song used: Melancholy Hill by The Gorillaz all characters and music used in this video are not mine, those go to their rightful creators […]

Fighting Muffet & The Creepy Quote From Sans!

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Jacksepticeye’s Undertale Sans Quote or Tweet

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