Max Reacts Bonus – Underpants – True Ending

No matter what happens, do NOT touch the child! Don’t forget to leave a like and Subscribe. Join The Great Legion! [Show some support] ====IMPORTANT LINKS==== Previous Episode: The Great Legion’s Market: Twitch: Twitter: ====================== Sr Pelo (Uploader): Underpants – True Ending (Video): ====================== Flying Shark’s Channel: ====================== [[[ Hateful comments toward others or spamming […]

Ivory Sans Reacts to Ask Drunk Chara Part 3

Finally, after all this time, all that effort, all those technical difficulties, I uploaded this reaction! Original Video: Ask Drunk Chara tumblr: Hawker-Rawr (artist) tumblr: Starbot Dubs Youtube: Starbot Dubs tumblr: Vadeva (male voice actor) tumblr:

Blueberry reacts to us pap fan art

so this is fan art I found so I reacted

Peytro Reacts to: Undertale the Musical #6 (Full Musical Part 1)

The full musical has come out and it now has voiced dialogue and the songs are improved to. Sorry I haven’t been uploading but I will explain why in a reading comments video. Original Video: Subscribe to man on the internet: Go check out the people who made this amazing musical: Sans: Steel: Toriel: Lindsay […]

Undertale Flirting Route | Part 3 | SmashBits Animations Reaction | AyChristene Reacts

I’m back from E3. Join me as I continue the adventure of If Undertale had a Flirting Route 3 (Funny Animation) by SmashBits Animations. Check out the video here: ?  ????????? ► | ★ PREVIOUS GAMEPLAY! ► Reacting to Fan made art ★ PREVIOUS REACTION! ► History has its eyes on you TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS […]

Peytro Reacts to: Glitchtale S2 Ep #4 – Love – (Part 1)

Undyne vs Betty, who will win? This episode was cazy and it’s getting more interesting. Original Video: Camila’s Channel: Music by NyxTheShield: Sound designer – Strelok: Voice talents: Bete Noire – ProjectSNT (Courtney) Undyne(Undying form) – GaelRice Gaster/Sans – Zedrin Frisk/Akumu – Strelok Jessica/Robin – MEMJ0123 (Jen) Asriel – Adoxographist Papyrus – Citrus Asgore – […]

Kovu Reacts To Aphmau’s MyStreet Phoenix Drop High Season 2 Episode 29 KICK HIS ASS AARON

Subscribe To Aphmau Here She Really Deserves All Of It: Also The Music For The End Credits Are Here: