Trypophobia Meme (read description)

Don’t worry his is not the skin thing..That’s just the title so don’t worry The original was by Sleepkinq but I got the audio from somewhere else because,I couldn’t find it….But,here you go…….My app couldn’t handle it all..And i’m sowwy for that…Please don’t hate me for it…. I swear this was a hassle to animate […]

Undertale slideshow “True Reset” (READ DESCRIPTION)

I do not own any art and do not know DA song and sorry for not posting videos lately Derp Plz subscribe

Shuckle Squad Quotes ((read the description))

His Channel: Pretty g00d stuff (his laughter is what cures my headaches)

{Undertale Emsans and darkside} I Do Love you meme (read description pls)

i sucks at animating everyone i’m sorry and i didn’t found the link for the original meme so sorry hope you guys like it… (i tried ;^;) My Collab with Alexa 03 is not yet done actually pls be patient and i’m still thinking about what stuff to put on it oh yea the meme […]

SpongeTale Patrick AU Themes (READ DESC)

Credits: Cosmic Block Spongetale: knochen9988iii Spongefell: Tanalok OuterSponge: Dialogue RoboSponge: Alex (Flora/Gang) Deformity: LuigiOdayaka55 Toontale: Nina Tendorian (can’t find link) SpongeSwap: SoundFont Disbelief Spongebob: LuigiOdayaka55 SpongeSwapFell: XkarmaX SpongeSpin: Kibo Bibulus.Exe: TheSunGlass

Ink!Sans Speedpaint/Draw | Read Description | Undertale Draws

Soooo heres the jist of thingys: 1) I am really really sorry for literally not posting anything in a real long time (please forgive) 2) I’m a fan of undertale stuff now so like it or not I’ll do some drawings and more stuff if and when I can And 3) Hope that everyone’s doing […]

He Broke my Heart (meme) (collab w Temmie Undertale) (Read description)

Omg help my hands are dying xD Song: Original: Temmie’s upload:

Something has to happen || meme animation|| warning gore!|| READ DESCRIPTION||

Edit 8/9/17 Guys please be mature about this, I’m getting really annoyed seeing people saying “it’s too violent” that’s the whole point of the meme sorta, and please don’t hate on these characters! It makes me feel bad that people are starting to hate on Tord, please dont Thank you Edit 8/26/17 OMG THE AUTHOR […]

If the other recording fails, read the desc of this

So i’ll explain everything, I joined the party..Saw undertale characters having sex, dafuq? Then I started recording, they started freaking out, I then said: I ain’t recording (which was a lie), so I kept recording and recording while they did “stuff” I’ll explain the quotes: (Goes faster, “comes”, *Grabs a dild* You want this) And […]