Undertale Cringe Comp #1 (please don’t watch, read pinned comment)

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Trypophobia Meme (read description)

Don’t worry his is not the skin thing..That’s just the title so don’t worry The original was by Sleepkinq but I got the audio from somewhere else because,I couldn’t find it….But,here you go…….My app couldn’t handle it all..And i’m sowwy for that…Please don’t hate me for it…. I swear this was a hassle to animate […]

Undertale slideshow “True Reset” (READ DESCRIPTION)

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Shuckle Squad Quotes ((read the description))

His Channel: Pretty g00d stuff (his laughter is what cures my headaches)

{Undertale Emsans and darkside} I Do Love you meme (read description pls)

i sucks at animating everyone i’m sorry and i didn’t found the link for the original meme so sorry hope you guys like it… (i tried ;^;) My Collab with Alexa 03 is not yet done actually pls be patient and i’m still thinking about what stuff to put on it oh yea the meme […]

SpongeTale Patrick AU Themes (READ DESC)

Credits: Cosmic Block Spongetale: knochen9988iii Spongefell: Tanalok OuterSponge: Dialogue RoboSponge: Alex (Flora/Gang) Deformity: LuigiOdayaka55 Toontale: Nina Tendorian (can’t find link) SpongeSwap: SoundFont Disbelief Spongebob: LuigiOdayaka55 SpongeSwapFell: XkarmaX SpongeSpin: Kibo Bibulus.Exe: TheSunGlass

undertale fight. (Read the description) stop motion

This is stop motion studio the light blue is frisk the blue one is sans and the black pen is toriel