Let’s Play Undertale #26 – Flowey Boss Fight (Final Part)

Join me as I continue the award winning Indie RPG Undertale. In part 26, with Flowey showing his true powers by deleting my save file, I have to face him and die, over and over. But there is hope. ♥ Please Subscribe ♥ ► Consider checking out some of my other stuff: → Modded Mass […]

Undertale Final Part – Omega Flowey Battle

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Temmie Village Undertale Pacifist Part 6

In this video, an annoying dog takes my artifact. And we meet a cutie named Temmie. And encounter Undyne some more. ♣Information♣ Gaming videos are back, how ever it will me mostly low spec games feel free to suggest some games you would like me to play Subscribe to me, become a solider in the […]

Super Mutant Massacre! [43] Fallout 4 NO VATS | SURVIVAL DIFFICULTY PLAYTHROUGH

Part 44 – This episode contains all the Wesley Snipes action you never knew you wanted. RULES FOR THIS PLAYTHROUGH ARE SIMPLE: 1. Don’t use V.A.T.S. 2. Play on Survival (Hardest) Difficulty. 3. There’s not really a way to prove to you that I didn’t cut out any VATS usage, so you’ll just have to […]

Paging Dr. Alphys! – Undertale Part 15

Hello Flufflebuns! We begin exploring Hotland and meet a new friend, Dr. Alphys! She’s a lovable scientist who created something… A little too fabulous to handle. Like me on Facebook for updates! Also follow me on Twitter! Also, if you have any suggestions for future games: Write them in the comments below. (Keep it to […]

UNDERTALE – SCENE 25 – Lights, Camera, Bombs! – ARCADE THEATRE

It’s time for Mettaton’s final performance! But what happens now? SUBSCRIBE ►► ▬▬CHECK THESE OUT!▬▬ FACEBOOK ►► TWITTER ►► TUMBLR ►► TWITCH ►►

Undertale: Genocide Run – Kuckles Plays – Part 6

I play through the entire game again to rectify my mistake and finally kill Mettaton once and for all. But there is a new threat on the horizon. Buy game here: Buy the Song here: KP Logo by: KP End Card by: Matt