[FR] Undertale RED – Boss | Route Pacifiste

Salut salut ! Ce combat n’est pas dans Undertale (le vrai) mais réalisé par un fan ! Cette fois-ci, on ne la tuera pas, et essayons de la convaincre qu’on ne veut pas se battre contre elle. (Bien sûr, je ferai la route génocide…) Lien pour le télécharger – PC : MAC :

If Undertale had a Flirting Route (Funny Animation)

Next Episode Next Wednesday 4PM CST In this week’s Undertale: Flirting Route, Frisk enters the underworld, meets some unlikely personified objects, and learns the ins-and-outs of lust and love. ————— Donate to our Patreon! Help us pay our animators! ————— Directed by Margaret Orr Writen by Cameron Carpenter Produced by Chris Durgin Exec. Producer Rick […]

LadyCass’ Undertale Stream – PART 12 – A SPIRITED REUNION

Undertale Stream Part 12: A SPIRITED REUNION ~Aired on Twitch: May 21st 2016~ Welcome back my dear underfanatics! Somehow we managed to survive the onslaught from Undyne. Gotta learn to exorcise more caution in the future. So super-naturally, immediately after, we suffer a bit of a fright from a new foe. That is until an […]

Undertale – Leaderless Endings (Neutral Route)

Without leaders, things look really bad. 00:00 Ending you get if you killed all leaders and atleast 1 monster. 00:34 Ending you get if you killed all leaders and 20 or more monsters. Subscribe for more Undertale! 😀 Undertale Playlist:

Undertale All Boss And Miniboss Fights (Pacifist route)

This is my first attempt at doing a boss rush video so i hope you enjoy :3 0:00 Napstablook 1:31 Toriel 4:57 Doggo 5:46 Lesser dog 6:21 Dogamy and Dogaressa 8:36 Greater dog 10:55 Papyrus 19:39 Shyren 21:22 Mad dummy 26:05 Temmie and Aaron 27:07 Undyne 33:50 RG 01 and RG 02 37:02 Muffet 43:27 […]

Undertale PS4 Betrayal Route Playthrough Part 1 [Undertale Gameplay]

In this series we will be playing through Undertale on PS4. The Betrayal Route involves making the boss monsters trust you to the point where they are sparing you, and then killing them. Get YuB’s vids EARLY ► Get Cheap Games (Affiliate Link) ► Become a YuBscriber! ► YuB Shirts ► OUTRO MUSIC IS “FLASH […]

Undertale: Post-Genocide Pacifist Route: What should have happened (V1)

This morning I had the idea of… “What if, after Asriel’s battle on a Post-Genocide (Soulless) Pacifist route, Frisk/Chara kills him?” That spawned into this. The music that plays is a slowed down version of “Memory” that, if you speed it up 3600%, is the normal version. I got the battle template from DeviantArt and […]

OVERTIME Beating Omega Pyro + GENOCIDE Route (Undertale RP allowed)(song requests on)

HOW TO REQUEST SONGS: Type in: !sr [name] I’LL BLOCK PEOPLE WHO REQUEST SEXUAL SONGS!!! TIMEOUT FOR PEOPLE WHO REQUEST MEMES (unless it’s YTP stronger than a table XD) Rules: 1.NO RACISM!!!!! YOU WILL BE BANNED FOR THAT FROM MY STREAMS PERMAMENTLY 2.Don’t come to this stream to send hate messages, try to give me […]