Killing Everyone in the ruins (but the spiders) UNDERTALE Genocide EP1

I kill everything in the ruins but the spiders

Gordoth’s Undertale – Episode 3 – The Ruins

This is a place in which things don’t work the way they should…… Get the game: Follow me on Twitter: Do so on Google+ As well: And Facebook: Tags undertale ost, undertale animation, undertale soundtrack, undertale megalovania, undertale comic dub, undertale music, undertale stronger than you, undertale remix, undertale song, undertale shorts, undertale asgore, undertale […]

Slim Plays Undertale: Abridged Genocide Route – Part 2

We have some “new” boss fights this time around with some faimiliar foes/friends; featuring the first major road block of a Genocide run. Music of the Video “Battle Against a True Hero” Very lovely piece of music that I think represents Undyne well in her Genocide boss fight. somecallmejohnny’s Undertale Review: ——————————————————————- For more SlimKirby […]


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Underfell: ASGORE

Underfell: ASGORE by Keno9988 Lost Underfell Soundtrack

“In Darkness” Undertale Yellow OST (Ruins Remix)

A REMIX OF “RUINS” FROM THE ORIGINAL UNDERTALE A little preview of a song I did for Undertale Yellow, a fanmade prequel to Undertale that tells the story of the game’s yellow soul! The game is being made by a team of very talented artists, programmers, writers and musicians like myself, including awesome youtubers Master […]

UNDERTALE (GENOCIDE) Walkthrough Part 1: The Ruins

The first step on our path of elimination.

Undertale Comic: Soulfell 4

It’s been months since I’ve made a dub for this comic! Hope you enjoy the update! Edit: I just realized from Bekah’s (the artist of this comic) Tumblr feed that it is actually her birthday today! What an incredible coincidence! 😀 So yeah, please wish her a happy birthday from me, okay? ^_^ =============================================== CREDITS […]

[Undertale] Ruins Medley

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Undertale PS4 RUINS

Another Undertale Orchestra! Wooo! I just really love this song and remixing it made me relax some more. Hope it makes you relax. Link to the score Soundcloud link! ^^