PewDiePie – Don’t Be A Salad. Be The Best Goddamn Broccoli You Could Ever Be!

A little lesson of life by PewDiePie. ORIGINAL VIDEO: PEWDS:

[SF] Salad Fingers – Echo

Voices: Salad Fingers: Stitch-head (AKA Tony): Roger: Mable: Aunty Bainbridge: ———————————————————————————————————– Salad Fingers © David Firth Echo © Crusher-P Mix by me

Living on a Prayer… And Dog Salad | Undertale (Part 16)

Hey everyone, welcome to my play through of Undertale! In this episode we make our way through the CORE, and begin our battle with one of the most fabulous characters yet! Thank you guys for watching, and be sure to leave a thumbs up or a comment to let me know what you think – […]

Salad Fingers 6: Present

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Salad Fingers 1: Spoons

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