Papyrus Finds a Human (clean version)

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Ready To Have A Bad Time, Kid? {SPEEDPAINT}

Sorry for being so inactive! I’ve been having really bad Art block and have finally just gotten over it to draw this. Hopefully I’ll now be uploading more! Undertale (c) Toby Fox Art (c) Me

Chara Sans fight animation Stronger Than You Chara response remastered

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[meme] Weeaboo

( ̄︿ ̄) OPEN ME (¬_¬) This persona is me. More like me than the OC from the Boom x4. I like most in the image of Romano *-* Этот перс – тип, я. Более похожа на меня, чем перс из Бумх4. Мне больше всего нравится в образе Романо *-* Сharacters: Yato from Noragami Romano from Hetalia […]

Undertale boss battle simulator video

Hey monster family MaiaUndertaleAU here so i faught storyswap asriel and more other aus and goodbye

Rob Lee “The Most Lethal Forensicator We Know” Award – SANS DFIR Summit 2017

Rob Lee, the most lethal forensicator we know, receives a much-deserved award at the 2017 SANS Digital Forensics and Incident Response Summit.