Mortal Kombat In Real Life: Scorpion At The Dog Park

Scorpion from Mortal Kombat, decides to take his dog for a walk. Mortal Kombat In Real Life, featuring Scorpion is based off the successful fighting series Mortal Kombat, with their newly released title Mortal Kombat 10. Jonathan’s Channel ➜ David’s Channel ➜ =-=-=-==-=-=-==-=-=-= #BreakIntoTheGame: TGN’s Website ➜ TGN YouTube ➜ TGN Army YouTube ➜ On […]

Mortal Kombat X Trailer Scorpion vs Sub Zero PS4 Xbox One Mortal Kombat 10

MASS EFFECT ANDROMEDA ALL CUTSCENES: Follow GLP on Twitter – Follow GLP on Instagram – Like GLP on Facebook – Scorpion and Sub Zero Story – WATCH THE FULL STORY HERE! We knew it had to be coming soon. We’re sure to hear about it at E3 now. It’s only a CG trailer, but what […]