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Dr. Alphys & Shenanigans – [Let’s Play Undertale PACIFIST] #11 – BlueStixs LP

Dr. Alphys & Shenanigans – [Let’s Play Undertale PACIFIST] #11 – BlueStixs LP We do stuff like solve Dr. Alphys’s puzzles! Also, Mettaton tries to kill us! YAYA! Leave a love and subscribpe. Undertale is a game made with Game Maker Studio! Undertale was made by Toby Fox, with a few helpers. Temmie Chang is […]

[APH] PruAus Shenanigans

I guess we can’t call this bloopers, as it has nothing to do with the New Years video, but here we are, being silly! —————————— Yiangillium: Locklin: Support us at Patreon!: It would be awesome if you subscribed to us, liked & commented on this video and shared it on your social medias and with […]

Shenanigans with Frisk & Chara

This video is just a bunch of random funny moments. I guess we have an intro now lol? Anyways sorry for not uploading and stuff but we’re back and we’ll be doing a let’s play and stuff so that’s something. Server IP: Music: Serial Dreamer by Mandopony Link: Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed […]

Undertale Shenanigans at CAD2016

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Cosplay Shenanigans

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Undertale Shenanigans at Holiday Matsuri 2016

This took place after the Undertale Musical panel at Holiday Matsuri. Well you wanted more here’s some more. Entire group (aside from the Error) is part of the group called “CosWePlay” , none of the cosplays are mine, nor are the people or the group are mine.

Old Man Walking Plays: UNDERTALE EXTRA Part 4: Debug Shenanigans

The final part of the project. We enable DEBUG Mode and take a tour of unused content strewn throughout the game. Debug Controls: General: G Opens dimensional box. G (in shop) Sets gold to 5000. O Opens a normally unused dialog to take items out of a dimensional box. I Same as above, but to […]

Undertale: Part 16 Bomb Shenanigans

From bro bumps, to explosives we just kinda wander around getting our teeth kicked in but hey at least it looks fun I guess? When I asked my friends what to name the video they told me to put click-bait as the thumbnail and to title it Prank gone sexual/viral. I need better friends.