SPEED SFM!! Cooking with Undyne

Careful with that. You wouldn’t want to burn your house down or anything…. I struggled a bit with this one, because i thought I could adjust Undyne’s eye expressions a little, and I probably can, but I gave up. Either way, this one didn’t take as long as the 200 sub special I made. Now […]

When Bill Cipher and Kyo Sohma find Dubsmash… (Cosplay Crack)

This is madness! No… this is just what happens when Bill finds dubsmash and drags Kyo into doing it with him. Oh wait… that IS madness! XD Our first cosplay crack with Gravity Falls and Fruits Basket! Kyo Sohma: Usagi Hime Bill Cipher: Taijiya Omake Masters does not own anything but their cosplay and quirky […]

The Joykilling Culture Of ‘AAA’ Games (The Jimquisition)

We Happy Few has slowly transformed since it first arrived on Early Access, but its latest metamorphosis was sudden and jarring – it’s a “AAA” game now. Gearbox acquiring the title, and the effect it’s had on the game, demonstrate that “AAA” is not so much about the funds or the studio, but about the […]

Shibe being a good boy

sorry i couldn’t provide edit today, hope u enjoy this happy shiber. Discord: Source: Hope you enjoyed this. I don’t own this, I just put the videos together, subscribe for more shiba inu. Thanks to this guy lol ShibeNation Shiba Inu Shibe Doggo Shibster. chapter IV has started with a new series. watch this first […]

Day 18 Acting Silly

Day 18 of my 100 Days Challenge featuring my Undertale OCs, Pan Dreemurr and Jessica Downe Tagged: , NMSC_ART , 100DaysofPanandJessica , The100DayProject

Undertale- Silly Asgore [pshattuckproductions]

For gastor its hard to be a singel parent good thing good old daddy asgore can help him out. Comic: Asgotr and gaster: Bounas audio inspired by: We here at pshattuckproductions do not own the music, sound effects, games, comics or other related media used in our videos and all copyrighted materials is owned by […]