MBT – La VERITE sur GASTER ~ Part.1 : Fragments – Undertale (666) [avec Enzoul]

Voilà le début de ma trilogie sur la solution que je propose au mystère de Gaster, après 9 mois de recherche intensive, accompagné d’Enzoul ! Les parties suivantes sortiront aussi vite que possible (j’avais annoncé 2 jours d’écart à la base mais ça va être difficile, ça prendra le temps qu’il faudra.. mais largement moins […]

Undertale: Alternate Piano Room Solution

I hate undertale and everything I made related to it

Bark Solution, The Humane Bark Control

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Bark Solution Bark Dog Collar Training System

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Best Barking Control Solution. Put a Stop to Your Dog Barking With Waggabee Bark Collar

HUMANE & EFFECTIVE SMART DEVICE – The newly designed in built microprocessor senses the sounds & vibrations in your dog’s throat & distinguishes your dog’s bark from other environmental background noise. The first bark initiates a vibration stimulus, this vibration stimulus creates a consistent pattern which your dog can intuitively recognise. Your dog quickly relates […]

Bark Solution PET853 Anti Bark Collar Safety Test

I love my dog. I hate her crazy random barking. Before strapping something that will shock her on her neck, I wanted to ensure it wasn’t excessively painful. It’s not… I’m a little adverse to pain. And the anticipation really made it bad. The first 2 warning sounds were sounds only. The first zap was […]

Undertale Hardest Puzzle Solution

Solution to the hardest puzzle in Undertale. Found above snowmen of Papyrus and Sans. I don’t know why they put such a difficult puzzle so early in the game…

Advanced Anti Bark Dog Collar Training System by Bark Solution Review

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Undertale – Piano Puzzle + Solution

I was replaying Undertale and remembered how annoying this puzzle is. Solution: Z, Up, Right, Z, Down, Down, Right.