[Spongetale AU] Spongeswap – BIBULUS [DropLikeAnECake Remake]

When you kill a starfish and a sponge comes to assault you with bubble blowers and karate gloves. Get the sprite by NickThatGuy here: The original BIBULUS: Thanks for watching! If you liked this video, leave a like and support the channel by subscribing. Look in the comment section for the updated list of requests. […]

SpongeTale Patrick AU Themes (READ DESC)

Credits: Cosmic Block Spongetale: knochen9988iii Spongefell: Tanalok OuterSponge: Dialogue RoboSponge: Alex (Flora/Gang) Deformity: LuigiOdayaka55 Toontale: Nina Tendorian (can’t find link) SpongeSwap: SoundFont Disbelief Spongebob: LuigiOdayaka55 SpongeSwapFell: XkarmaX SpongeSpin: Kibo Bibulus.Exe: TheSunGlass

Spongetale: All boss themes (part 1)

0:00:Seasore 2:40:Patrick 3:51:Uh my figth theme 5:15:Bah ah ah and Ocentrousle 06:45:Texan tangle 08:28:Mediocre clarinet player 10:05:Krusty greed Si te gusto dale like y suscribete¬°


… No. This isn’t a troll video. I genuinely wanted to do this. Yeah, I paused work on King Sans to make this. Blame Keno9988ii, his music got me hooked on making this. You can see all his wonderful music and the picture of Patrick here: Shame there wasn’t an Undersail or Spongetale MEGALOVANIA, though. […]