Top Tier Gameplay – Game Grumps Animated (Flipnote)

I literally started this a year ago and didn’t have the motivation to finish it… UNTIL NOW! After the page flip is the part that I did recently. (I was not originally planning on uploading this anyway).

Number 2, Bottom Tier Item – Isaac Afterbirth [94]

I will never willingly take this item again unless I have explosive immunity. Such a bad item. Especially when I’m talking over the farts. QUOTES: TWITTER: @HuttsLP TWITCH: 6PM Central US —–Tuesday: AFTERBIRTH —–Thursday: AFTERBIRTH —–Optional Weekend Stream MERCH: Missing Hud 2: necrodancer music:

Pac-Shorts: Ep.7 – Top Tier (60FPS)

Please Keep In Mind, This Is Just A Joke. I Have Mad Respect For Anyone That Is Capable Of Playing Competitively, And Making It Your Dream. This Was Just A Joke. There’s Nothing Wrong With Playing With Pro-Skills, But It’s Not Cool To Mock Other People Just Because They Play For Fun. —————————————————————————————————- Pac-Man Discovers […]

Tutorial: WoW Warlock Tier 5 Cosplay – Mask

Just another tutorial video about my cosplay work, if you want to see more, please don’t forget to subscribe and follow me at facebook and/or twitter 😉 ———– Otro video tutorial de mis trabajos de cosplay, si quieres ver más no olvides suscribirte y seguirme en facebook y/o twitter 😉


If someone can find me the nicovideo source and real title, that’d be great.