Undertale Genocide Boss Fights [1/2]

**SPOILERS** Put a warning, because this game is very story driven. If you choose to do a “genocide” run of this game (yes, that’s what it’s called), there’re alot of differences to the other playstyles. They are interesting, but what struck me the most are the substantially more difficult bossfights. There are only two of […]

Touhou 15.5 – Antinomy of Common Flowers 2nd Demo Announcement (More News)

In this video, I go over the news about Antinomy’s second demo. It’ll feature all the characters plus Reisen. We also see screenshots of the roster and five slots are empty. That leaves the two antagonists and three others to join in. Who, we don’t know. Either way, this will be interesting. Website: Playlist for […]

Touhou 16 – Hidden Star In Four Seasons Discussion With Yatsuzume (This Should Be Fun)

In this video, I do something a little differently. I’m having a discussion with another youtuber about Touhou 16. It’s my first time doing something like this. The closest was my interview with Fujiwara’s radio show. Hopefully you enjoyed Yats and I talking. Like always, I can’t wait to see you guys in the next […]

Interesting Touhou Facts #72 (Too Scary For Ya)

From shrouded mystery, to urban legends that should have been added in my opinion, and easy naming process, I guess? Hello, Magi here and welcome back to another episode of interesting touhou facts. Like always, I hope you guys enjoy this episode and I can’t wait to see you guys in the next video. Playlist […]

Dark Souls II – Sir Alonne (Touhou Soundfont)

as if this can’t get dexfaggy enough This is more of a test video as I might start pushing these kinds of videos since I kind of ran out of content to make. however this doesn’t mean I’ll stop making memes tho I just need fresh ideas ignorant slave, hand it over

Frisk(Chara) Vs Sakuya Izayoi – (Undertale Vs Touhou) Animation Reaction!

Hey everyone, DeathBombZero here and HAPPY EASTER!!!! I hope you have a wonderful day and that my video will make you even happier. Today I am reacting to Frisk(Chara) Vs Sakuya Izayoi – (Undertale Vs Touhou) Animation. If you enjoy then SMASH that like button and SUBSCRIBE for more reactions. Let me know other videos […]

Frisk(Chara) Vs Sakuya Izayoi – (Undertale Vs Touhou) Animation

Finally! It’s finished!!! 😀 // You need to play Undertale & Touhou Project Before watch this Video.Boi ——— -Phone Options- -CONTINUE or RESET? CONTINUE: RESET: -Dodge her Attack! ————————————- If you want to react this video, just put the creadits in the description. ——— ———- Plz DO NOT reupload(subtitle reupload) or dub this video. Any […]

Touhou x Undertale (Mezcla) : “Bonetrousle ” + “Faith is for the Transient People”

Siguiendo con la serie de mezclas, les traigo la mezcla entre Papyrus y Sanae Kochiya, ojalá les guste 🙂 PD : Créditos a los autores de las imágenes.

Touhou: Fantasy Maiden Wars game over glitch

Flandre Scarlet broke my game! A little background, I was on the final battle of Fantasy Maiden Wars, and Flandre wiped my team, with Keine being the last unit taken out. Upon ‘Game Over’, rather than be brought back to the title screen, I was left in a purgatory. I had no units, but I […]