Monokuma (Dangan Ronpa) – Makeup Tutorial

Makeup tutorial for Monokuma from Dangan Ronpa! Facebook ➤ Patreon ➤ Instagram ➤ Etsy ➤ Wig is sponsored by CosPicky, you’ll find it here; Use the code “Mitternacht Cosplay” for 10% off all your big orders! F.A.Q: Music used: Dangan Ronpa Execution musics by Dangan Ronpa OST Found here: Mr. Monokuma’s Extracurricular Lesson [Extended] by […]

Special effects removal compilation #2! #PEELPORN | QUEENKINGSFX

Removing my special effects makeup, having major makeup mistakes with different foundations shades and much more fun! Check out part one: Check out my horror film “Help yourself..” here: Buy my eBook “Overcome Trypophobia” now on Etsy – FOLLOW ME LOVE: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: ETSY SHOP: TUMBLR: SNAPCHAT: queenkingg DUTCH STUFF: DUTCH WEBSITE DUTCH CHANNEL: TWITTER: […]

Gordoth’s Undertale – Episode 3 – The Ruins

This is a place in which things don’t work the way they should…… Get the game: Follow me on Twitter: Do so on Google+ As well: And Facebook: Tags undertale ost, undertale animation, undertale soundtrack, undertale megalovania, undertale comic dub, undertale music, undertale stronger than you, undertale remix, undertale song, undertale shorts, undertale asgore, undertale […]

KILL LA KILL Ryuko Matoi CHESTPLATE Armor Cosplay Tutorial | theAbeyantHero

EVA Foam armor build of Senketsu Life Fiber Synchronize Anime Boston 2017 request for (Kill la Kill anime cosplay Re-upload) My old channel has been taken down & so I wanted this to be made available to you all. It was from my early days so you can see how much I’ve progressed in quality […]

Winter Shota Cosplay Makeup Tutorial

Here is a cute little tutorial for all of you cosplayers out there! If you want more tutorials like this please let me know down below! I do not own any music in this video! You can also find me on instagram @thejaeminpop

Bendy Cosplay Wig Tutorial [ Bendy and the Ink Machine ]

Since quite a few people requested, here’s a tutorial for my Bendy wig from Bendy and the ink machine! ABOUT THE WIG: The brand of the wig is called “DIY” or “DIY wigs” and I recommend searching for the brand if you plan on buying any wigs, however my wig is actually a dark brown […]

Kindred Mask Painting, Wolf! – League of Legends Cosplay Tutorial

Painting my Wolf Mask! This was done on stream, as so many are, as a fun live tutorial where I answered questions. Here’s a as comprehensive a view that I can do in a nicely neat video. If you want simply the entire stream uploaded so you can see it all I may do that, […]

W.D. Gaster Makeup Tutorial

I hopw you enjoyed this video kinda wish that my lines were better. 😛 Song Used: my singing ^_^ my Instagram my twitter Steam Ashleystar819 Isnt it surprising my youtube isnt Ashleystar819? lol eh i wanted it to be art related 😀

Black Ops 3 Emblem- Chara 8-bit Tutorial

An emblem of undertale character “Chara” I will gladly take request, just leave a comment.