Underfell sans

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Underground’s Got Talent ft Mettaton!

Join our favorite robot in hosting the first ever “Underground’s Got Talent” featuring our Underfell friends. Enjoy the show and don’t forget to grab some MTT brand popocorn! —————- Thank you all for 6000 subscribers. All your patience and love towards us does not go unnoticed and we appreciate each and every one of you. […]

[MMD] Undertale // Compliation part 5 (with OC) + thanks for 6k

nero, Anthony, lucky, stardust, and more belong to me ================= Anyway hello everybody I hope you know I post a compliation 1 time a month so that’s why it was today in may. I hope you all enjoy this video and if you have any questions feel free to ask me. Hope you have a […]


This is a request for – FallenAngelKayaxx5 I twitched this whole shindig~ If you like watching twitch streams of speedpaints while I talk about bullshit please follow —- You could also follow me on other sorts of medias if you’d like you could also just check em out If ya wanta Twitter – twitter.com/bunnyshock87 Tumbr […]

UnderMEME OST – ainavolageM (Underfell Battle)

These are Secret Bosses for UnderMEME. I ain’t telling where. (C)RichardED, Toby Fox, Xanxor.

Underfell – Undertale AU – DEMO [Genocide feat. CHARA] Walkthrough GeneralMacek

If you like this, don’t forget please to LIKE and SHARE, as well to SUBSCRIBE for more videos and slideshows. BEFORE ANYTHING: THIS ISN’T MADE BY TOBY FOX AND IS UNOFFICIAL. If you haven’t played Undertale yet, buy it in the site NOW, it is an awesome game!Also, you won’t understand a thing if you […]

Undertale Comic: Soulfell 4

It’s been months since I’ve made a dub for this comic! Hope you enjoy the update! Edit: I just realized from Bekah’s (the artist of this comic) Tumblr feed that it is actually her birthday today! What an incredible coincidence! 😀 So yeah, please wish her a happy birthday from me, okay? ^_^ =============================================== CREDITS […]

Underfell – It’s showtime

This took me a couple of days to make. I hope you all like it. The It’s showtime theme you heard was made by me. All the Alphys, Mettaton, and Frisk sprites were made by me. The Flowey sprite was made by schelebro. If you want to use the It’s showtime theme I made, ask […]