UnderMEME OST – Nyeh… Heh… Hehhh? (Bromalgamate Battle)

42 ATK, 0 DEF. They are BEST. BROTHERS. FOR. EVER. AND EVER. Likes Saying: nYEH HEh HeH… This is a Mini Boss Fought in UnderMEME in the Medic’s Ultimate Lab (C) Toby Fox.

UnderMEME OST – ainavolageM (Underfell Battle)

These are Secret Bosses for UnderMEME. I ain’t telling where. (C)RichardED, Toby Fox, Xanxor.

Undertai- Undermeme OST

This was a lot of fun! I’ve been making this for like 2 weeks now. My friend Logan21755 made all of the dank art. He’s the autist :^) Artist* I made all of the great music :^) Timestamps: Intro (Once Upon a Time) – 0:00 Menu: 1:28 Midi the Flower (Your Best Friend/Flowey): 1:52 Evil […]

UnderMEME OST – Mixlovania (Genoside Final Boss Music)

UnderMEME is a game i’m working on. because why not. (C) RichaadEB, Tobyfox, Tsuko G.