Monika and Flowey

The monika of DDLC. for some reason the game didnt realize i was recording.

[SpeedPaint] Your best friend (Undertale)

–CHECK THE DESCRIPTION, PLEASE!!!– HOWDY, I’M FLOWEY. FLOWEY THE…wait a second. What I’m talking about? xd So.. That’s almost first drawing in this year which I finished so fast. I mean, without pauses and “oh, I’m lazy today, I’ll finish it tomorrow”. It’s strange. I wanted to draw child Asriel and Flowey for a long […]

The REAL Final Boss – Undertale – Part 19 FINALE – TenMoreMinutes

Chris and Sam muscle through Asgore and find out who the real final boss is. Insert the witness protection filter because our Steam page is the real victim here in the battle against Photoshop Flowey! The REAL Final Boss – Undertale – Part 19 FINALE – TenMoreMinutes Watch the previous episode: – – – – […]

Undertale – Sans Battle + Asgore and Flowey Death [Genocide] PT-BR

Programa Para Gravar : Camtasia Recorder Programa Para Editar : Camtasia Studio

Let’s Play Undertale #15 – This Episode is Tumblr Fuel

Undertale is a new indie RPG game that focuses on deconstructing what you know of the RPG world. With a wacky cast of colourful individuals, a unique battle system that takes inspiration from Mother and Earthbound, as well as multiple ways the game can change in your sittings, it’s a must play, and I recommend […]