20 Sub Special: Kirby vs Chara

Hopefully I don’t lose a sub before this gets up… Anyways thanks for 20 subs I appreciate it!

Papyrus the Sweg Master!1/Undertale Plush Adventures/Primitive Pancakes Remake

Primitive Pancakes is my friend he used to do plush videos (but for some reason) he quit doing plush videos, but if you like AMVs and Apocalypse Rising Builds heres the channel for you:

Sans, Undertale Felt Plush

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Flowey “plush” Quickcraft #1 Undertale DIY (esp – eng)

Hi, I’m sorry, I’ve quite inactive during last month, so I made this video to compensate it. This time I made a plush (?) of Flowey. I made the video Undertale related bc the last video had lots of visits, so… ^^ Hola, lo siento, estuve bastante inactivo durante el mes pasado, así que hice […]