Undertale: 6/11. Encountering Undyne, Now Entering Hotland

It said they need 7. And angel. And they already acquired 6. Finally encountering Undyne and fighting. Trying not to kill her. I was detouring to a little harder way all over the time in this video.

Undertale Hard Mode: Undyne and Muffet Boss Fight (Reupload)

undertale sux and please stop harassing me just because I’m a girl Original video was taken down for anti-semitism.

Undertale Corruptions stream W/ Plush Gamer (My Friend) PART 2!

In this stream ill be Corrupting Undertale. It will be hilarious and awesome because my friend who I hilarious is here. Here Is Link To Plush Gamer.


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A Lesson Learned – Undertale Comic Dub

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Undertale – Spear of Justice (Acapella)

Smells like sushi… Original: “Spear of Justice” from Undertale OST (by Toby Fox). Our Twitter: Equipment: microphone – Presonus M7; camera – Canon PowerShot A480; tripod – DEXP WT-3500; soundcard – M-Audio Audiophile 192; software – Cubase 5, FabFilter Bundle, Sony Vegas. a lot of spagetti! Staff: Lovely girl – soprano. Splendid bro in a […]

Undyne SpeedArt | Undertale FanArt

So I have been practising my art and this is the first time I did a sketch on the computer so I’m really happy with how this turned out. Song: Undertale – Battle Against a True Heroine

UNDERTALE Part 12 – An Undyne Ex-Spear-Ience

I don’t think this Undyne character particularly likes me. Previous episode: Here’s a link to the next episode: By the way, if you want to see the whole UNDERTALE playlist, click here: You are now required by “law” to do the following things: Subscribe! Just click the button! Also hit that thumbs up thing or […]