VGM Medley – Sonic Boom [unrelated themes]

Download the song: Related post: ——————————————————————– Song Title: Sonic Boom OST Title: Guile’s Theme, Lava Reef Zone, Flying Battery Zone, Power of “NEO”, Bad Boss Boogie, Red Canyon, Boss (Sonic The Hedgehog) Game: Street Fighter II, Sonic The Hedgehog 3, Sonic & Knuckles, Undertale, Donkey Kong Land, F-Zero, Sonic The Hedgehog Platform: Diverse Composer: Yoko […]

Undertale – Megalovania Ralfington Chiptune Remix (You’re Gonna Have A Bad Time)

► Download ▷ Ralfington’s chiptune / drum n bass remix of Undertale music theme Megalovania! But be warned… YOU’RE GONNA HAVE A BAD TIME Artwork by Alix Lytton ▾ GAMECHOPS on SPOTIFY ▾ ► Follow Ralfington ► ► ► ► ▾ FOLLOW GameChops ▾ ► ► ► ► ▾ SUBSCRIBE on YOUTUBE ▾ ► ▾ […]

Undertale – Enemy Approaching (Arcien Remix) – from Hopes & Dreams – GameChops

DOWNLOAD ► A remix of Enemy Approaching from Undertale, is part of Aricen’s Undertale Remix album, “Hopes and Dreams,” an Undertale concept album remixing Undertale Themes in different genres. ▾ DOWNLOAD HOPES & DREAMS ▾ ► HOPES & DREAMS PLAYLIST ► UNDERTALE PLAYLIST ► ▾ FOLLOW ARCIEN ▾ ► ► ► Astro Photography by Robert […]

Professor Layton and the Curious Village – Puzzles (Guitar & Violin Cover) || String Player Gamer

A guitar and violin cover of “Puzzles” theme from the Nintendo DS puzzle adventure game, Professor Layton and the Curious Village. I love how hauntingly simple this piece is. ●Subscribe for the latest VGM covers! ► Professor Layton and the Curious Village “Puzzles” Performed by The String Player Gamer Arranged by Diwa de Leon Original […]

Dr. Mario – Fever… KAZOO’d!

My kazoo version/rendition of the Fever theme, from Dr. Mario, on… well, pretty much every Nintendo console out there. 🙂 ~ Integral work by Tsuko G. ~ ► Twitter: ► Facebook: —————————————————————————————– Please give me your feedback, guys. Did you like the song? The format? Would you like more of this kind? I try something […]

Undertale Unused Tracks – Alphys’ lab

Undertale Soundtrack – “Alphys’ lab” (Unused) By Toby Fox My channel –

Overwatch Remix – One Shot One Kill (CG5 / Great Dolvondo Trap Remix) Widowmaker Theme – GameChops

FREE DOWNLOAD FOR SUBSCRIBERS ► A remix of One Shot, One Kill, Widowmaker’s Theme from OverWatch! Produced by CG5 and The Great Dolvondo, this Widowmaker remix is a trap banger, mastered by Dj CUTMAN! OVERWATCH PLAYLIST ► ▾ FOLLOW CG5 ▾ ► ► ▾ FOLLOW THE GREAT DOLVONDO ▾ ► Thumbnail is the amazing cosplay […]