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[Live RePlay] Undertale | Undyne The Undying | Part 7

Seriously, what’s your problem lady?! After everyone keeps talking and telling me I need to play Undertale, I took the time to finally do so. Let’s see how it turned out… If you enjoyed this, maybe give a like? It actually helps… somehow… Subscribe Please! ► Twitch ► Twitter ► Facebook ► Buy Stuff Here […]

Undertale Genocide Boss Fights [1/2]

**SPOILERS** Put a warning, because this game is very story driven. If you choose to do a “genocide” run of this game (yes, that’s what it’s called), there’re alot of differences to the other playstyles. They are interesting, but what struck me the most are the substantially more difficult bossfights. There are only two of […]

[No Commentary] Undertale Episode #40 – Genocide Playthru – Goodbye Asgore

sorry for the odd cropping on this one, i didnt know thatd happen, and i cant reload because spoilers i’ll reupload this one later, but first on to Soulless Genocide

Zelda Wind Waker HD – First Boss, Gohma

**EDIT** MrFacer has his ass handed to him for almost 4 minutes, skip to 03:50 for actual boss defeat action! All rights and credit belong to Nintendo corporation and the Zelda franchise. The Legend of Zelda, Wind Waker HD on the Wii U. How to defeat the first boss. Play-through by MrFacer.

Undertale OST – Hotland (GENOCIDE) Extended

Seemless infinite loop of this: The track’s name is Another Medium, but some may not know this and look up “Hotland” for Hotland’s music (I was guilty of this) so I decided to keep this upload to make it easier for others to find. Undertale Extensions: (Their channel also does regular extensions for good music […]

I Can’t Understand…- Undertale #12 (FLOWEY OMEGA FORM) (NEUTRAL END?)

Game on Flowey…Game on… – Thank you for watching +Like, comment, share, subscribe if you like! If you did, thank you! ===Twitter ===Netflix Reaction Vids? Check out Riff! ===Twitch! ===Soundcloud: ===Instagram ===Steam Group!

Yesterday you said tomorrow.

I changed hitsounds and this happened. From a stream vod that I had. Sorry I haven’t been posting videos. I have been really into Heroes of the Storm. But yeah… watch my stream for more live gameplay! ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————– Twitch: twitch.tv/floatinboat Hud: CBHud Steam Group:

Easiest Mario Boss Ever

Move over Cloud n’ Candy, your diabeetus-giving self-healing method of defeat no longer rates you as the easiest Mario boss around. The first Antasma battle in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team is much easier. In fact, I don’t think you can even call it a boss. Actually, it’s note even a battle, but part of […]