[Vocaloid] Drop Pop Candy Violin Duet

Cool Things Below! _______________ Aaaand for this collab I coerced (I jest) another rl friend into this super happy cutesy sugary song! (very fitting for him I know :P) Transcribed this almost immediately after it appeared. I believe I asked him summer of last year? this was the first reaction: “what in the world is […]

Undertale – sans. (A Bonely Medley) [Guitar & Violin Cover/Remix] || String Player Gamer

BUY MY UNDERTALE ALBUMS! The original “sans.” soundtrack is a catchy, if repetitive, musical loop. It’s always a fun challenge to bring the original song to another place. So with the original riff, I incorporated Papyrus’ theme “Bonetrousle” and Sans’ two other theme songs, “Megalovania” and “Song That Might Play When You Fight Sans” resulting […]

Professor Layton and the Curious Village – Puzzles (Guitar & Violin Cover) || String Player Gamer

A guitar and violin cover of “Puzzles” theme from the Nintendo DS puzzle adventure game, Professor Layton and the Curious Village. I love how hauntingly simple this piece is. ●Subscribe for the latest VGM covers! ► Professor Layton and the Curious Village “Puzzles” Performed by The String Player Gamer Arranged by Diwa de Leon Original […]

Undertale – Alphys (Violin & Piano Cover/Remix) || String Player Gamer

A violin and piano cover of “Alphys” from Undertale. I think Alphys is the most underrated character in Undertale, both as a character and her theme music. I think it’s about time ASGORE’s Royal Scientist had her time to shine. I hope you like my faithful arrangement! Oh and also, gimme some likes for that […]

[Undertale AU] StoryShift- Asgore (Violin Cover)

Hey what’s up guys blade here in today I have for you another storyshift cover taking me about I want to see a month same as the most time as I’m doing battle against a true hero which hopefully will be out very soon as for my sheet music is almost done it’s just taking […]

Violin vs Viola Battle [APH Cosplay]

Austria wants to play his music, and Prussia want some peace and quiet to read his book. An argument and then a Battle occurs and you vote who wins! Songs used in this video that were not stated in the video iNsAnITY piano cover by Katichigo Megalovania Undertale Version by Toby Fox Dan: Ace:

Undertale – Hopes and Dreams / Save the World (Violin & Guitar Cover/Remix) || String Player Gamer

A rock violin and guitar cover of the highly requested “Hopes and Dreams” paired with “Save the World” from Undertale. Also my 3rd Undertale album Undertale: Strings of Determination VOL. 3 is out! More download links will be added soon! And finally, as of this writing, happy anniversary Undertale! Undertale “Hopes and Dreams / Save […]

Undertale: Bonetrousle (Violin Cover) Taylor Davis

Get this song on iTunes: Get my albums and singles here: Sheet Music: Physical Albums & Merch: Support My Videos on Patreon: Upcoming Live Shows: Thank you to the Electric Violin Shop for letting me use this awesome electric violin! All my albums and singles are available here: iTunes: Amazon: Google Play: Spotify: My Website: […]